2022 Tour de France: Stages Information




There are 21 stages:

  • 6 flat stages.
  • 7 hilly stages.
  • 6 mountain stages with 5 summit finishes (La super Planche des Belles Filles, Col du Granon, Alpe d’Huez, Peyragudes, Hautacam)
  • 2 individual time trial stages.
  • 2 rest days.
  • 1 transfer day.


Stage No.DateDistanceRace From and To
Stage 12022-07-0113.2 KM COPENHAGUE > COPENHAGUE
Stage 22022-07-02202.5 KM ROSKILDE > NYBORG
Stage 32022-07-03182 KM VEJLE > SØNDERBORG
Stage 42022-07-05171.5 KM DUNKERQUE > CALAIS
Stage 62022-07-07220 KM BINCHE > LONGWY
Stage 82022-07-09186.5 KM DOLE > LAUSANNE
Stage 122022-07-14 165.5 KM BRIANÇON > ALPE D’HUEZ
Stage 132022-07-15 193 KM LE BOURG D’OISANS > SAINT-ÉTIENNE
Stage 142022-07-16 192.5 KM SAINT-ÉTIENNE > MENDE
Stage 152022-07-17 202.5 KM RODEZ > CARCASSONNE
Rest2022-07-18 CARCASSONNE
Stage 162022-07-19 178.5 KM CARCASSONNE > FOIX
Stage 172022-07-20 130 KM SAINT-GAUDENS > PEYRAGUDES
Stage 182022-07-21 143.5 KM LOURDES > HAUTACAM
Stage 192022-07-22 188.5 KM CASTELNAU-MAGNOAC > CAHORS

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Tour de France Stages Briefs

Stage 1 : Tour de France 2022

The Queen Louise Bridge is said to be the world’s busiest cycling path. The cyclists will begin the Tour by riding down the time trial start ramp one by one, tackling a city circuit that will take them past Tivoli Gardens and the Little Mermaid. On a route that is extremely demanding, there are a few bends, but they shouldn’t prevent the day’s most powerful rider from taking the first yellow jersey.

Stage 2 : Tour de France 2022

The Tour’s riders have already enjoyed the thrill of crossing the sea to reach the Zeeland finish line in 2015. The Great Belt crossing is 18 kilometres long this time, and there’s a good chance the cyclists will have to contend with a stiff wind. Teams that are the most competent at dealing with windy conditions will be given a tactical advantage. If any of the favourites aren’t careful enough, they’ll have reason to be disappointed with the outcome.

Stage 3 : Tour de France 2022

Despite the fact that the route stays close to the coast on the Jutland peninsula, it will be less exposed to the wind than the day before, making it simpler for the sprinters’ teams to keep the race under control. This stage should include the opening round of the sprinters’ clash before a transfer and an extremely early first rest day.

Stage 4 : Tour de France 2022

Despite the fact that the stage begins and ends at sea level, the amount of rising in between may cause concern among the sprinters. For example, the peloton will head towards the West Flanders hills before visiting the Boulonnais hills. Long-range assaults are likely, particularly in the windy final stage along the coast: the climbs between the Cap Gris-Nez and Cap Blanc-Nez headlands might be pivotal.

Stage 5 : Tour de France 2022

In 2018, John Degenkolb won the Tour’s last stage over the cobblestones in Roubaix. In what is the most acrobatic challenge of the opening week, this level will contain a similar amount of bone-jarring activity. When it comes to dealing with their fear of this test, the Tour favourites’ strongest weapons will be thorough preparation and complete concentration.

Stage 6 : Tour de France 2022

The contenders for victory will have to assess their effort well if they want to shine in the finale, which is even tougher than the one that featured the previous time the Tour visited Longwy. The leading puncheurs will be in the lead on the Mur de Pulventeux, which is located 6 kilometres from the finish line and is 800 metres long with a grade of 12%. They will then have the opportunity to show off their explosive abilities on the Côte des Religieuses.

Stage 7 : Tour de France 2022

Despite the fact that this is the Tour’s first summit finish, it does not occur at the conclusion of a true mountain stage. Super Planche des Belles Filles, on the other hand, always delivers a high-intensity result. The riders’ finishing positions will give a good indication of the form of the podium contenders, as this is the only large climbing test of the day.

Stage 8 : Tour de France 2022

Prior to the race’s entry into Switzerland, the terrain chosen for transit through the Jura was not planned to favour climbers. It’ll be their turn. The puncheurs who specialise in explosive efforts, on the other hand, will enjoy a new short and steep ascent to the Tour: a one-kilometer springboard with a 12 percent slope will propel the best of them towards probable success on the heights above “the Olympic city.”

Stage 9 : Tour de France 2022

With the first true mountain test, a gruelling week draws to a close. On the following stages in Switzerland, the riders will have to acclimate to a new tempo, though they will not be pushed to their limits. This relatively mild introduction into the Alps might be exploited by a breakaway group with a strong balance of riders. A strong rider could assert himself on the Pas de Morgins in the final and win in Châtel.

Stage 10 : Tour de France 2022

This stage, which begins the day following the rest day and runs besides Lake Geneva before continuing towards Megève, has breathtaking mountain views. The course goes through a series of valleys and is expected to conclude with a confrontation between the race’s strong men from the one-kilometer banner. Like the Critérium du Dauphiné 2020, the finish line is positioned at the altiport.

Stage 11 : Tour de France 2022

Today, none of the yellow jersey candidates can afford to make a mistake. Starting with the Montvernier hairpins and continuing with the crossing of the Télégraphe and Galibier passes, the climbs are densely packed. Following Serre-Chevalier, there are 10 kilometres of rising at an average of more than 9% to reach the 2,413-meter Col du Granon, the Tour’s highest finishing point in 25 years.

Stage 12 : Tour de France 2022

There’s a nod to the past here, as well as a desire to bring the Battle of the Alps to a close on a route designed specifically for the strongest climbers. It’s an identical recreation of the 1986 Briançon-Alpe d’Huez stage, with the ascent of the Galibier, followed by the climb of the Col de la Croix de Fer, before tackling the 21 hairpins that lead up to the Isère resort. It will provide a mid-level appraisal of the situation.

Stage 13 : Tour de France 2022

The home of Les Verts, Saint-legendary Étienne’s green-shirted football team, is likely to host a significant episode in the war for the green jersey. In principle, a profile with little difficulty should allow teams focusing on sprint finishes to make the most of today’s opportunities. Breakaway riders will have little manoeuvrability on stages of this nature, but they can still hope for the best…

Stage 14 : Tour de France 2022

The route seldom climbs particularly high, but the cyclists will face near-constant physical difficulties as they race from Saint-Étienne to Mende. This journey across the departments of Loire, Haute-Loire, and Lozère will challenge even the most experienced riders. Then there will be two clashes on the Jalabert Montée de la Croix Neuve, which leads up to the airfield above Mende: one for the breakaway riders and the other for the overall favourites.

Stage 15 : Tour de France 2022

The road to Carcassonne is generally mountainous, with plenty of ups and downs to encourage breakaways. On this occasion, though, the route has been tailored to the sprinters’ squads. That is, assuming they work hard to tame the day’s assailants, who may yet manage to surprise them.

Stage 16 : Tour de France 2022

The opening day in the Pyrenees should be a nice opportunity for breakaway riders… assuming they’re well prepared for the slopes. To celebrate their triumph in Foix, the cyclists must first conquer the Port de Lers hill before attacking the Mur de Péguère. The 20 kilometres or so from the summit to the Ariège’s administrative centre aren’t particularly difficult.

Stage 17 : Tour de France 2022

The spectacle is as lavish for the audience as it is challenging for the leaders, who must defend their ideas. Attacks could start as soon as the climb to the Col d’Azet after crossing the Col d’Aspin and the Hourquette d’Ancizan. Finally, even the finest climbers may struggle while climbing the steep grades up to the Peyragudes altiport… the Tour’s third runway to victory in 2022!

Stage 18 : Tour de France 2022

The final mountain challenge offers a wide range of options. The connection of the Aubisque and Spandelles passes, the latter appearing on the route for the first time, followed by the last ascent to Hautacam, could result in unexpected collapses, ambushes, and twists of all types. There isn’t any relief in sight. The Tour’s biggest struggle could be fought on this last Pyrenean stage if the leadership positions have not been clinched by this point.

Stage 19 : Tour de France 2022

Surprisingly, after travelling through the departments of Gers and Tarn-et-Garonne, the Tour’s sojourn in Lot pays homage to the race’s early days: the Danish royal family owns the castle of Cayx, near Cahors. There should be no shortage of sprinters capable of shining in Cahors among their subjects in the peloton.

Stage 20 : Tour de France 2022

A certain kind of alchemy is required to perform well in a time trial at the end of the Tour, which is derived from a rider’s degree of freshness after three weeks of racing, the extent of their motivation given their possible overall finishing position, and their inherent qualities in this solo discipline. In addition, in 2022, there will be a final featuring two climbs on the route to Rocamadour’s highest point.

Stage 21 : Tour de France 2022

The Champs-Élysées, which has hosted not only the prestigious finale of the men’s race but also the start of a historic women’s race since 1975, will host an unprecedented double-bill, hosting not only the prestigious finale of the men’s race but also the start of a historic women’s race. The first stage of the first edition of the Women’s Tour de France with Zwift will be contested on the last circuit in the centre of Paris, prior to the Tour’s grand sprinting finale.

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