Animator 12 Review

Children should use Animator C/B 12. The Animator is simple to pedal thanks to its short crank length and modest Q-factor, and its lightweight aluminum frame gives small children more control.


TypeRoad Bike, Kids Bike


Nothing compares to riding your very first pedal bike. With its detachable training wheels, this two-wheeler makes it simple for kids to develop a passion of cycling.

ALUXX-Grade Aluminum

The most cutting-edge materials, forming processes, and welding technologies are used to create this professional-grade aluminum frame technology. ALUXX SLR provides the finest strength-to-weight ratios among Giant aluminum bikes and is used to create ultralight, high-performance frames.

Long-lasting dependability is provided by the sturdy ALUXX aluminum frame material, which is guaranteed by a lifetime frame warranty.

Coaster Brakes

Most children’s bikes come equipped with coaster brakes, commonly referred to as foot brakes or back-pedal brakes. Many bike owners find them appealing because of their straightforward design and minimal maintenance needs. Just apply the brake and pedal rearward.

Coaster brakes are simple to use and simple to keep working.

Children’s features

For children beginning to ride a pedal bike, features like short-reach brake levers, a lower stand-over height, a protective stem cushion, and detachable training wheels make it exciting and safe.

Kids Age and Colors

Ideal for kids aging between 2 – 4 year old.

Comes in two colors only i.e. Black and Electric blue colors only.

Kids Oriented

The Animator’s short crank length and tiny Q-factor make it simple to pedal, and an aluminum frame’s light weight gives small children better control.

Bottom Bracket

A good bottom bracket may be put in place and left alone. Because a sealed unit doesn’t need any maintenance, it is the modern and preferred choice. If they become worn out, they are simple to replace and have a long lifespan.


Check specifications here


one size


Black, Electric Blue


ALUXX-Grade Aluminum


high-tensile steel


Giant Kids, middle high, 500mm width


alloy quill, 22.2x40mm


alloy, 25.4x180mm


Giant Kids








KMC C410


alloy forged, 26t, 70mm

Bottom Bracket

sealed cartridge


Giant Kids 12″, alloy


nutted, 16h




Innova IA-2094, 12×2.25″


training wheels, bell, protective pad

Pros & Cons


Kids oriented bike

Comes with bell and training wheels

Quality frame and color

Coastal brakes are easy to apply by kids

Good value for money


comes in only one size

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs:

Is Animator C/B 12 good for 2 year old?

Yes, ideal for between 2 to 4 years old.

What age can a toddler start riding a bike?

One of your child’s developmental milestones is learning to ride a bike. Between the ages of two and eight, the majority of kids will be prepared and eager to learn how to ride. Typically, learning begins at a little bit older than five.

What size bike does a 2 year old need?

The charts below illustrate our suggested sizes based on height, but other elements, such as arm and leg length, can affect how well something fits. You’ll see some overlap in our suggestions as a result. Consult the specialists at your neighborhood retailer for the greatest advice on finding your ideal fit.

Wheel SizeAgeHeight
12″2 – 3 years36 – 39″
14″2 – 4 years37 – 44″
16″4 – 6 years41 – 48″
20″5 – 8 years45 – 54″

Why should a child have a bicycle?

Regular physical activity has been linked to higher levels of enjoyment and gives youngsters more chances to form social bonds. Riding a bike boosts your child’s learning development and emotional health, in addition to improving physical fitness.



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Our Rating​

The feeling of your first pedal bike is unbeatable. This two-wheeler makes it easy for kids to fall in love with cycling and comes with removable training wheels.

The Animator makes learning to ride simple and enjoyable because to its 12-inch wheels, lightweight aluminium frame, and detachable training wheels. Short-reach brake levers provide young riders strong stopping power, and a shorter crank and narrower Q-factor make pedaling easier. It is also easier to get a great fit for children of varying heights thanks to its adjustable riding position and longer seatpost insertion depth. Since the training wheels are detachable, it’s simple to get going and switch to two wheels whenever you’re ready.

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