Parents frequently consider what would be the next step after their children graduate from balancing bikes so that their children’s skills can be improved. BMX bikes are the clear and straightforward solution. These bikes are the next major advancement for youngsters after balancing bikes, and with good reason!

For many young kids, a BMX is the greatest option for them to gain confidence, improve their riding technique, and advance in their cycling. But what exactly should you buy?

The Best BMX bikes for kids available now come in a variety of styles, including trick bikes, racing frames, and street models. Buying your child the right BMX might be challenging with so many categories and models available; after all, no parent wants their child to have a bad riding experience.

In order to make it easier for you to find the best BMX bike for kids, for your little ripper, we have put together a comprehensive list of the best BMX bikes for kids.

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GT Lil Performer 16

For young BMX riders, GT provides the Lil Performer 16 with undeniable street style and performance. Beyond its appearance, the Lil Performer has all the build elements you would anticipate from a GT BMX, including model-specific down- and top tube graphics that give it great presence.

High-strength steel is used in the construction of the frame and fork.
For the Lil Performer, GT chose a wheelset that combines strength and rolling efficiency. No matter what kind of street or brick surface a young rider is learning on, the rims’ 20-spoke design and 2.1-inch-wide tyres are sure to give them great confidence.

Key Specifications:

GT FS Design Hi-Ten Steel Frame
GT FS Design Hi-Ten 2pc Fork
GT Power Series Cr-Mo 3Pc Crank
Aluminum U-Brake w/ Soft Compound Pad.

We like

Strong bike

Three piece crankset

Strong colors

Value for money

We do not like

Wheels roll faster


We The People Seed 16

A 16-inch bike that has been thoughtfully designed and well-equipped is intended to make the learning stages of the sport as enjoyable as possible. This year, the machine has been lighterened to make it as simple as possible for a younger rider to accomplish their objectives. The Seed is loaded with the newest Salt parts, including the (AM) integrated headset, tapered fork, Salt (Junior) 40mm reach stem, and Salt (Tracer) tyres. The best 16″ full bike WTP has ever produced is completed by two amazing color schemes.

The WTP Seed 16 is an adult-caliber bike in a pint-sized frame made by the amazing BMX bike manufacturer We The People. High-quality WTP-produced parts may be found in the Salt Rookie cranks, Salt Junior stem, and Salt Junior pedals.

Although this bike is not inexpensive, it can withstand some serious riding. This bike is the one to use if your kid is ready to move on from things.

The only problem is that all of those bomb-proof components are expensive, and the bike itself is quite heavy at 21.5 pounds.

We like

User focused design

Smooth riding experience

Integrated headset

Great two color options

Value for money

We do not like

Slightly heavy


Fit Misfit 16

16 Fit Misfit a bicycle that flawlessly fuses form and function into one incredible machine. Your kids will like riding this incredible street BMX because it is so well-made.

Depending on the region, it comes in a variety of colors, but my personal favorite is royal blue. The polished handlebars and cranks exude an authentic vibe. Tanwall tyres on the Fit Misfit give the bike a completely new color, making it even more fantastic.

The bike’s braking system is driven by an Odyssey Springfield Lever, ensuring total and precise stopping, keeping the young riders in the utmost safety. If you desire performance and design in one incredible package, the Fit Misfit is the bike to purchase.

The Fit Misfit 16’s primary feature is its aesthetics, so if your young rider desired a beautiful bike, this would be a great option. The bike becomes incredibly agile with the 20-spoke wheels and 2.25-inch tyres, but it is not that much stronger against the hard landings, especially if the kids are riding enthusiastically.

We like

Eye catching details

Color choices

Value for money

Smooth ride, strong brakes

We do not like

some may find bit heavy

When it comes to BMX bikes for kids, the Huffy Kids Bike is the best; it is made with high-quality materials, has a tonne of wonderful features, and is kid-friendly. This feature is evidence of Huffy’s outstanding skills since they are known for producing incredible bikes.

If your child is just beginning BMX riding, this is the perfect bike to get them; if you are competent, installation will only take a few minutes. This bike weighs only 24 pounds, making it extremely lightweight and versatile for all types of riding, making it perfect for tricks and acrobatics.

Suitable for 5 – 7 years old.

Kid’s Bikes must constantly be adaptable and comfy, which is why the seat’s height is completely adjustable. The seat may be adjusted for your child’s best comfort. Your youngsters will undoubtedly enjoy the bike due to its design and construction.

Key features: 

Bike can be easily adjusted.

Removable training wheels.

Comes with fashion bag.

Strong front and back hand brakes

Strong Suspension

We like

Lightweight frame

Adjustable Handlebars and Seat

Effective Bike

Strong build

Amazing stability and control

We do not like

Some may find front forks bit narrow

The bike’s high-quality craftsmanship is clearly obvious if you look at it very closely. The Tectonic T1 Biaxial Hydroformed Aluminum Frame, premium brakes, and wheelset are all features of the Title Pro BMX. These parts work together to give the rider incredible performance.

If you want a race BMX for your kids, the Mongoose Title Elite Pro BMX is a great choice. The cost is reasonable, but the value it offers makes it well worth it. This bike has a truly high-end build, and with all of these incredible features, it’s a bike that your kids will treasure and use for many years to come.

Tectonic T1 Aluminum Frame, Aluminum Linear-Pull Brakes, and 4130 Chromoly Handlebars are just a few of its amazing features and craftsmanship. This bike may be used by your child on any surface, including mountains, dirt ramps, and urban jungles. The Mongoose Title Elite Pro is a fantastic BMX racing bike that youngsters may use to perform whatever kind of trick they like.

Suitable for kids age between 5 – 13 years old.

We like

Lightweight Bike

Great control and stability

Easy to assemble

Value for money

We do not like

None noted

Mongoose Legion L20 BMX Freestyle Bike is best suited for intermediate riders, so if your child already has the necessary skills, this bike will undoubtedly help them advance. Even the bike’s U-brakes make controlling it much simpler; this is a crucial feature because stopping power is crucial for BMX bikes, particularly when it comes to children’s bikes.

Mongoose Legion L20 BMX Freestyle Bike is a little heavier than the other possibilities in this situation, but it is manageable. The dependable nature, ease of control, and decent traction more than make up for the bike’s weight. The bike has a sleek and beautiful design that is obvious from just one glance. The bike is also rather simple to assemble, and for a comfortable ride, no tweaks are even necessary.

Mongoose Legion L20 BMX Freestyle Bike isn’t overly pricey, this bike skillfully blends affordability with quality. You can tell right away that the bike is of high quality.

Key features including 20×2.25″ Tires, Hi-Ten Steel Fork and Handlebars, Aluminum Brake Levers, and Steel U-brakes

We like

Strong build frame and fork

Great performance

Good stability and control

Great brakes

We do not like

Some may find bit heavy but strong

Take a look at the Sullivan Ambush Mini BMX if you only want a BMX bike for the great feats and stunts. 

It is undoubtedly a small package, but it packs a powerful punch thanks to its incredible parts and features, which will enable you to perform daring exploits like Daredevil.

As long as they enjoy big-time action, kids of all ages and genders will have a ton of fun with the Sullivan Ambush Mini BMX. I can speak from personal experience because my child adores this iron steed. 

The color scheme that this bike offers is truly dazzling, so when it comes to its looks, it will be love at first sight.

Amazingly lightweight bike, comes with 10″ wheels that are ideal for all kinds of acrobatics and stunts. The riders will have a lot of mobility because the tyres are wide and there is a rear freewheel hub.

The fixed saddle, the tiny gears, the strong brakes, and the chain guard are other elements that are quite lovable. The kids will be adequately protected while executing any tricks on this bike. The bike’s color scheme particularly caught my attention because, at first glance, it appears to be an adult bike. I personally adore the matte black and grey color scheme.

We like

Solid build construction

Outstanding trick BMX Bike

Easy to assemble

Eye catching bike

We do not like

Tires air pumping might be difficult for some

The L18 is a superb example of a vintage bike. We all know that Mongoose is a legendary manufacturer, and the legion series is the pinnacle of the line. You won’t be disappointed at all if you choose the Legion L18 as your entry point into the world of BMX Bikes.

It is built with a Hi-Ten Steel Frame, which improves the bike’s toughness and performance. Your child will have a lot of fun with this bike if they are between 3 and 4.8 feet tall. This bike becomes one that offers incredible control and stability when the BMX bike seats are added.

If you want your kids to enjoy street riding or dirt biking, the Legion L18 would fit right in there because it is a highly agile bike. The steel frame and fork on this bike will keep them well protected even if they crash into surfaces after riding furiously.

It won’t matter whether your kids are riding violently because the broad 2.3-inch tyres on this bike absorb every type of collision. The 660mm Wide Steel Handlebars on the Legion L18 are a really important component for steering and handling.

We like

Great and strong design

Value for money

Good stability and control

We do not like

Some may not satisfy with default crankset

The Blueprint 16 is evidence that although the firm is recognized for producing sophisticated bikes for professional-level riders, they have now begun to cater to the younger riders as well. You won’t find a better bike than the Blueprint 16 in this price range. Adjustability and control are two things it excels at.

Sunday places a high value on comfort, which is why they equipped this bike with 2.1-inch wide tyres and a 15.5-inch top tube. Children will be able to ride comfortably on any surface and, if they so choose, perform stunts. I genuinely adore the bike because of its stunning aesthetics; it is colorful and distinctive, and our young champions will definitely notice it.

Comes in stunning colors and adjustable seat and handlebar levers. Suitable for the 6 years old and up.

We like

Flexible in adjustments

Stunning color choices

Durable, value for money

Ergonomic Geometry

We do not like

Single piece crank

The Haro Downtown 16 is a fantastic BMX bike option. It is made with a steel frame, fork, and wide tyres that will improve any rider’s skill set.
The bike’s wheels have 36 spokes and 2.25-inch tyres mounted on them. After witnessing it in action, you’ll want to ride the bike by yourself because it has smooth traction and control. The first thing that children will encounter is a really strong wheelset; regardless of the abuse you subject it to, children will always appreciate the top-notch performance.

The three-piece crankset is entirely responsible for how much pleasure it is to ride the Haro Downtown 16. The handling is nice and robust, and the controls are both butter-smooth. If you’re concerned about the brakes, you should know that the bike is equipped with a Tektro 990-series U-Brake, which has remarkable power. Even the bike’s 16-4-inch top tube contributes to the rider’s flexibility and stability, which is essential for children.

We like

Strong wheelset

Durable bike

Powerful crankset

Reliable and smooth controls

We do not like

Limited color choice

Ultimate Buyers Guide to Best BMX Bikes for Kids 2023

One of the coolest experiences for a young person is owning a BMX bike. Not so cool: finding the greatest BMX bikes.

You’ve come to the right spot since I’ve covered all you need to know in my guide about picking the best BMX bike for kids.

Finding a good kids’ BMX bike that also fits your budget might be challenging because many manufacturers use less expensive parts. You might want to learn how to measure a BMX bike frame first because there are so many different sizes.

You’re going to want BMX bikes for kids that are created with good sturdy materials, the proper size, comfortable, and aerodynamic to help them fulfil their potential, whether they prefer dirt jumping, freestyle riding, racing, or doing tricks with their bike.

What if I told you that I’ve compared and read reviews of the top BMX bikes for kids for hours, taking important factors like material, design, and comfort into account to ensure that nothing gets in the way of their enjoyment.

If you’re looking to buy your child their first BMX bike, you won’t want to miss any of these, but I’ll tell you right now that bike number four just might be my all-time favourite.
Choose a BMX bike for your child that has training wheels if you want to introduce them to BMX bikes at an early age. This will give your child more confidence and keep them steady while they become acclimated to the bike.

What you should know about the best BMX bikes for kids

1. Cranks

Since all BMXs have a single speed, cranksets are essential for balancing the rider’s weight and regulating the bike’s speed and agility.

A three-piece crankset with separate crank arms, spindles, and bearing races is what you should ideally seek out. As a result, each component that makes up a three-piece crankset is stronger since it was forged from superior materials.

A single-piece crankset is inexpensive for a reason, as it frequently makes concessions with the bearings that spin it and the metal quality.

2. Frame – Aluminum or Steel

The most often used material for BMX frames has always been chrome. Even when mountain and road bikes quickly switched to aluminum, BMX fans steadfastly clung to their affinity for steel.

One of the most desired qualities in a steel BMX frame is impact resistance. The possibility of collision damage increases as you grow more daring in your street riding and start taking bigger drops and hitting curbs.

Aluminum does not have the same capacity to absorb riding errors of judgement and return to shape, making it less resistive to accident damage and deformation. A competent welder can readily repair a steel BMX frame if you do experience a severe impact collision, as opposed to an aluminum frame, which is more difficult and expensive to repair.

3. Spokes

The majority of children’s BMXs have 16- or 18-inch wheels. Those BMX rims have a small diameter, which naturally makes wheelsets robust, but what about spoke count?

For landing stunts, you can choose from significantly tougher 32- or 36-spoke rims or lightweight street wheels with 20-spoke rims. A wheel should stay true for longer when it has more spokes since more spokes mean more strength, especially while riding steep declines.

Increased spoke count increases rotational weight, which lowers acceleration. A BMX with fewer spokes will be more responsive. On the other hand, if your child enjoys learning tricks and riding the trickiest street features, having more spokes will save you from having to straighten their wheels on a regular basis.

What is the Age Range for 16 Inch BMX Bikes

Kids aged 5 to 8 are the greatest candidates for 16-inch BMX bikes.

Height is an even better determinant of the proper bike size. Children between 3’7″ and 4’6″ can ride 16″ BMX bikes with ease.

You may have noticed that the recommended age range for BMX bikes differs significantly from that of a typical kids bike. Even if a child is very comfortable riding a 20-inch pedal bike to and from school, they will still want a 16-inch bike for BMX.

Which type of BMX? Freestyle BMX or Race BMX

These bikes are primarily designed for “freestyle” or street BMX. They are ideal for taking to the skate park and learning tricks.

How about BMX competitions?

Although many of these bikes can be used for racing, especially if you replace out the stock tyres for skinnier ones, if BMX racing is your child’s main interest, you’d be better off buying them a bike designed for the discipline.

When do you not need to buy the BMX Bike?

For performing tricks, visiting the skate park, and having fun in the neighbourhood, BMX bikes are excellent. They are less than ideal for long-distance riding.

A standard 20′′ pedal cycle is the best option if you’re searching for a bike for your kid to ride about town or go on family bike adventures. These bicycles have improved geometry, larger wheels, and pleasurable gears for long distance riding.

Similar to this, your youngster will benefit more from a 20′′ mountain bike if they are interested in trail riding.

Advantages Of Riding A BMX Bike

Some benefits of riding a BMX bike include the following:

• Despite having a high-quality structure, they are affordable. For the cost of a typical mountain bike or road bike, you can purchase a fairly decent BMX bike.

• You can perform amazing tricks, go on adventures, and have a lot of fun with it.

• When compared to road or mountain bikes, they don’t need as much maintenance.

• If your objective is urban exploration, a BMX bike is a must if that is what you want.

Where Can My Child Ride Their BMX Bike?

Where your youngster will ride their BMX bike is the most crucial factor to think about. For kids, there are numerous BMX bike varieties.

Road: These BMX bikes are sturdy enough to withstand use on asphalt and concrete. Despite being heavy, they are strong and resilient.

Many kids like practicing their skills in indoor bike parks. Your child will require a lighter bike if they ride primarily inside. It guarantees they will have enough air to perform all of those stunts. There are no traction concerns, therefore thinner tyres are also a smart idea.

Flatland: Front and back pegs, no-tangle brakes, and flatland are all necessary equipment. A back centre that allows for rolling backwards is also essential.

Bikes designed specifically for cycling on dirt have lumpy tyres that provide secure traction on uneven terrain.

Course: Your child needs a large chainring if they intend to race their BMX bike. It aids in their catching up. Along with having lightweight frames and powerful brakes, other crucial components include tyres that can grip surfaces on tracks.

What Are The Best Tyre Types for BMX Bikes?

The tyres on BMX bikes are made specifically to be used on various sorts of terrain. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a bike with tyres appropriate for the terrain where your youngster will be riding.

There are three types of tyres:
Smooth, Multi-purpose, and Bumpy

Tracking will be minimal on a tyre that is smooth. These tyres are excellent for riding on level terrain but may also be used on inclination and in bike parks.

More tracking is present in multi-purpose tyres, but not enough to cause obstructions. This kind of tyre works well on a variety of surfaces. It’s ideal for riding on the road or in a park.

In order to gain grip in the ground and on trails, an uneven tyre is thick with deep notches.

The typical thickness range for BMX bike tyres is between 1.5′′ and 2.5′′. Generally speaking, a thinner tyre will be faster while a thicker tyre will provide more traction.

In addition, pneumatic tension is crucial. The tyre pressure should be between 40 and 70 psi if your kid is performing stunts on a hard surface. For higher speeds, a harder tyre with a 90 psi or higher will work best.


It might be difficult to choose the best BMX bike for your child because there are so many different models available, especially for smaller riders.

By considering elements like material durability, usability, weight, and kind to fit your demands, you may choose some BMX bikes for kids.

Buying the best BMX bikes for kids will help you relax while they’re riding and even inspire them to do new feats and go further without worrying about their bike breaking down.

Every youngster should be able to purchase their very own BMX, regardless of cost or rider age. To get the greatest BMX bike for your child, choose one of these possibilities. Whether you want features like multiple BMX frame sizes, a 3 piece or a one piece crank, wider tyres, a 16-inch frame, or a rear u brake, you may find one ideal for racing down those streets.

There is a decent option among these kids’ BMX bikes for every child and every price range.

Best BMX Bikes for Kids 2023 Common FAQs

Can you travel great distances on a BMX?

BMXs are often quite robust since people use them for performing tricks and stunts or going to the skatepark. You’d be better off obtaining a standard bike with a broader seat instead because they just won’t be comfortable for longer distances. As an example, the seat itself is harder and smaller on BMX bikes, making it uncomfortable for lengthy periods of time sitting on one. They aren’t particularly quick though, so if speed is what you’re after, a road bike is a better option.

Which Features Should Boys BMX Bikes Have?

While often smaller, a boys’ BMX bike will resemble an adult BMX bike. Because standard 21′′ tubes are frequently too long for kids, your kid will need a smaller frame. With the exception of the youngest boys, whose wheels range in size from 16 to 18 inches, the wheels will be around the same size.
Boys need smaller handlebar grips so they can maintain a firm hold. Surfaces with ribs are necessary to avoid slipping while doing jumps and feats.
Boys typically benefit most from a steel alloy or aluminium frame because it provides adequate support and is reasonably lightweight regardless of the surface they ride on.
Since some boys’ BMX bikes look far cooler than others, appearance may also be a problem.

Are Girls BMX Bikes And Boys BMX Bikes Different?

There aren’t many differences between BMX bikes for boys and females. Girls need a model with a lower stand over height and less weight because they are frequently shorter. The greatest frames for girls are made of aluminum since they are lightweight and enable females to perform feats and stunts with ease.

The tyres must be large enough to provide adequate traction on terrain while still being manageable, which may imply that girls, particularly younger ones, need smaller tyres.

Some BMX bikes are available in conventionally “girly” hues. Your daughter could or might not find it important. A classic “boy-colored” bike, for instance, will work just well if the frame and wheels are the appropriate sizes.

What age is a 16 inch BMX bike for?

The finest BMX for younger children, such as those aged 6 or 8, has a 16-inch frame. A bike that is 20 inches or larger in size is preferable if you have a child who is older, such a 13-year-old. However, even if your child is 12 years old, it’s usually just a matter of taste and how tall they are in relation to other kids their age.

Can A 5 Year Old Ride A BMX?

As long as they have experience riding balance bikes, kids as young as 4 years old can begin riding BMX bikes. The right training must be completed before learning to ride a BMX bike.

Are BMX Good Bikes For Kids?

BMX bikes are thought to be incredibly durable, nimble, and simple to ride. Buying these motorcycles is a wise choice because they are almost indestructible.

What is a general BMX size chart?

BMX Sizing Chart (BMX Bike Wheel Size)

AgeRider’s Height ( Feet and Inches)Rider’s Height (Centimeters)Wheel Size
5-7 Years3’7’’-4’0’’110-122cm16’’
7-11 Years4’0’’-4’10’’122cm—147cm18’’
11+ Years4’10’’-6’4’’147cm-193cm20’’

Why is the seat of a BMX so low?

The seat is so low for a number of reasons. The main justification for this is that a lower seat provides greater room for body motions and stunts, notably bunny hops and other airborne maneuvers, making it simpler for the rider to go over the seat and handlebars.

What distinguishes BMX bikes from conventional bikes?

BMX bikes are designed primarily for individuals who take pleasure in performing tricks, jumping, visiting skateboarding parks, and general urban riding. They are often strong enough to withstand impact during crashes.

Road bikes can have a variety of frames and are primarily designed for speed or city commuting, therefore they will also have smaller, thinner tyres and be lighter.

Mountain bikes are typically equipped with thicker, more grippy tyres and are built for riding on trails and other challenging terrain. More gears are often available on road and mountain bikes than on BMXs.

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