Checkpoint SLR 7 Review

The carbon gravel bike Checkpoint SLR 7 is designed to dominate the world’s toughest gravel races. IsoSpeed, a gravel-smoothing feature, and progressive geometry give the lightweight 700 Series OCLV Carbon frame agility and stability. As well as additional mounts for gear and accessories, the bike has a Shimano GRX transmission that shifts smoothly even over the roughest gravel. This bike is an absolute powerhouse at grinding gravel.


ModelCheckpoint SLR 7
TypeRoad Bike


If you have lofty goals for events like The Mid-South, Belgian Waffle Rides, and Unbound Gravel and are aware that you’ll need the best gravel bike for these grand journeys, then this is the bike for you. You need our most sophisticated Checkpoint frame, one that is designed just for gravel racing.

Internal storage, hidden wires that won’t obstruct bags, integrated frame bag and fender attachments, a 700 Series OCLV Carbon frame with IsoSpeed and carbon armour, progressive geometry that’s stable at speed and effective when you’re grinding up a climb. A 2×11 Shimano GRX transmission and wide 700x40c dirt tyres on Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V OCLV Carbon rims with more grip and stability are also included. fits tyres up to 45 c.

Ultralight OCLV Carbon Frame

Trek uses their ‘700 series OCLV carbon lay-up’ for the frame.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Trek’s 800 series OCLV carbon optimizes both the material’s aerodynamics and its properties.
On the Trek Emonda and other ships, they use this specifically created composite. Trek asserts that they employ a very high-quality carbon-resin composite because aerodynamic tube forms are heavier and less rigid than standard, spherical tubes. This results in a weight reduction of just under 10% when compared to an OCLV 700 frame, with the SLR frame manufactured from OCLV 800 weighing in at just 698 g. The lighter the material, the higher the number after the OCLV.

Very creative effort on carbon frame, it include features, 700 Series OCLV Carbon, IsoSpeed, downtube storage door, internal routing, Ride Tuned seat mast, chain keeper, T47 BB, fender mounts, integrated frame bag mounts, flat mount disc, 142x12mm thru axle

Checkpoint SLR 7 Drivetrain

With its tiny gear steps, the 2x GRX815 Di2 drivetrain complements the functionality of the 2022 Trek Checkpoint SLR 7. It always makes it possible to select the appropriate gear. The climbs are also made simple by the large gear range. It accelerates quickly from a stop or for an overtaking maneuver because to its comparatively low weight, and it retains its speed quite effectively.

Tires and Rim

The tubeless-compatible, 700 x 40c Bontrager GR1 Team Issue tyres are appropriate for the bike’s intended application. They have sufficient grip for very quick rolling and controlled drifting. The tyres are a fantastic fit for the rims at 40 mm wide, preserving them and giving you even more assurance. In relation to that, the 30 mm external width Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V rims look great.

Color Choices

The new Checkpoint is available from Trek in a variety of variants, including four Checkpoint SLR variations, three Checkpoint SL variations, and one Checkpoint ALR variation. All three will be offered as framesets, and it’s anticipated that Trek’s Project One custom program will also make the Checkpoint SLR available.

For Men & Women: Checkpoint SLR 7 is available in Four colors—Matte Deep Smoke/Gloss Olive Grey, Era White/Emerald Iris, Marigold/Nautical Navy, and Radioactive Coral. Also variety  with Six sizes (49, 52, 54, 56, 58, 61). It weighs roughly (size 56) 56 – 8.79 kg / 19.38 lbs (with TLR sealant, no tubes).

Oh! What a feeling

Better chain retention and smooth, dependable shifting over difficult terrain are provided by the GRX rear derailleur.

The IsoSpeed decoupler absorbs tiresome bumps without jarring you.

On fast, bumpy descents, all-new progressive geometry is swift and nimble while maintaining stability and control.

You have a convenient place to store tools and equipment inside a stylish storage compartment.
It is simple to transport equipment and water thanks to integrated frame bag attachments and fender mounts.


Check specifications here

Components Details


700 Series OCLV Carbon, IsoSpeed, downtube storage door, internal routing, Ride Tuned seat mast, chain keeper, T47 BB, fender mounts, integrated frame bag mounts, flat mount disc, 142x12mm thru axle
ForkCheckpoint carbon, tapered carbon steerer, fender mounts, flat mount disc, 12x100mm thru axle
Frame fitGravel

Wheel front

Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V, OCLV Carbon, Tubeless Ready, 25mm rim width, 100x12mm thru axle
Wheel rearBontrager Aeolus Pro 3V, OCLV Carbon, Tubeless Ready, 25mm rim width, Shimano 11/12-speed freehub, 142x12mm thru axle
Skewer frontBontrager Switch thru axle, removable lever
Skewer rearBontrager Switch thru axle, removable lever
TireBontrager GR1 Team Issue, Tubeless Ready, Inner Strength casing, aramid bead, 120 tpi, 700x40c
Tire partBontrager TLR sealant, 6oz
Rim stripBontrager TLR
Max tire size700x45c / 650×2.1″ Bontrager tires


Shimano GRX RX815 Di2, 11 speed
Front derailleurShimano GRX RX815, braze-on, down swing
Rear derailleurShimano GRX RX815
Crank: Size: 49, 52Shimano GRX RX810, 48/31, 170mm length
Crank: Size: 54, 56Shimano GRX RX810, 48/31, 172.5mm length
Crank: Size: 58, 61Shimano GRX RX810, 48/31, 175mm length
Bottom bracketPraxis, T47 threaded, internal bearing
CassetteShimano Ultegra HG800, 11-34, 11 speed
ChainShimano Ultegra HG701, 11-speed
Max chainring size1x: 46T, 2x: 50/37 (Shimano: 36)
Saddle: Size: 49, 52Bontrager P3 Verse Elite, stainless steel rails, 155mm width
Saddle: Size: 54, 56, 58, 61Bontrager P3 Verse Elite, stainless steel rails, 145mm width
Seatpost: Size: 49, 52, 54, 56Bontrager carbon seatmast cap, 5mm offset, short length
Seatpost: Size: 58, 61Bontrager carbon seatmast cap, 5mm offset, tall length
Handlebar: Size: 49Bontrager Pro IsoCore VR-SF, 38cm
Handlebar: Size: 52Bontrager Pro IsoCore VR-SF, 40cm
Handlebar: Size: 54, 56Bontrager Pro IsoCore VR-SF, 42cm
Handlebar: Size: 58, 61Bontrager Pro IsoCore VR-SF, 44cm
Handlebar tapeBontrager Supertack Perf tape
Stem: Size: 49Bontrager Pro, 31.8mm, Blendr compatible, 7 degree, 70mm length
Stem: Size: 52, 54Bontrager Pro, 31.8mm, Blendr compatible, 7 degree, 80mm length
Stem: Size: 56, 58Bontrager Pro, 31.8mm, Blendr compatible, 7 degree, 90mm length
Stem: Size: 61Bontrager Pro, 31.8mm, Blendr compatible, 7 degree, 100mm length
Brake rotorShimano MT800, centerlock, 160mm
Rotor sizeMax brake rotor sizes: 160mm front & rear


BagBontrager BITS Internal Frame Storage Bag


56 – 8.79 kg / 19.38 lbs (with TLR sealant, no tubes)
Weight limitThis bike has a maximum total weight limit (combined weight of bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 275 pounds (125 kg).

Pros & Cons


Very lightweight frame with conventional shape

Cable routing with little headaches

SLR models’ size-specific IsoSpeed tweaking,

Cleverly integrated storage compartment

Amazing at handling, more accommodating handling


Occasionally rattly


Is the trek checkpoint a good road bike?

Although the Trek Checkpoint SL7 is a choice, not every gravel bike genuinely succeeds in that regard. It makes a bike that feels exhilarating to ride quickly on or off the road by pulling just a tiny bit from the very edge of off-road capability.

What does trek checkpoint weigh?

56 – 8.79 kg / 19.38 lbs (with TLR sealant, no tubes).

This bike has a maximum total weight limit (combined weight of bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 275 pounds (125 kg).

Which size do I get for Checkpoint SLR 7?

The charts below illustrate our suggested sizes based on height, but other elements, such as arm and leg length, can affect how well something fits. You’ll see some overlap in our suggestions as a result. For example, not every rider who is 5’8″ will fit on the same size bike. Consult the specialists at your neighborhood retailer for the greatest advice on finding your ideal fit.

SizeRider HeightInseam

156 – 163 cm

5’1.4″ – 5’4.2″

74 – 77 cm

29.1″ – 30.3″


163 – 168 cm

5’4.2″ – 5’6.1″

76 – 79 cm

29.9″ – 31.1″


168 – 174 cm

5’6.1″ – 5’8.5″

78 – 82 cm

30.7″ – 32.3″


174 – 180 cm

5’8.5″ – 5’10.9″

81 – 85 cm

31.9″ – 33.5″


180 – 185 cm

5’10.9″ – 6’0.8″

84 – 87 cm

33.1″ – 34.3″


185 – 191 cm

6’0.8″ – 6’3.2″

86 – 90 cm

33.9″ – 35.4″

Is trek Checkpoint a gravel bike?

You will find a best of both worlds of commuting and gravel. The Checkpoint, according to Trek, makes gravel and adventure riding possible.



Total score

Our Rating​

For performance and comfort during taxing gravel races, Trek’s finest Checkpoint frame was created. It has excellent components including a tough Shimano GRX transmission and carbon wheels and is incredibly light and quick.

The Trek Checkpoint SLR 7 is ideal for commuters who no longer want to feel every bump on their ultra-stiff road bike and roadies who want to cross over to the gravel scene because of its aggressive riding position, good handling, and 2x drivetrain. The motorcycle is tuned for propulsion and speed. Although the comfort between the front and back isn’t exactly balanced, riding the Trek Checkpoint SLR 7 is enjoyable. Trek’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in the organized cable routing and practical storage compartment.

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