Complete and Ultimate Guide to Cruiser Bikes

History and W’s of Cruiser Bikes

What is a Cruiser Bike?

The cruiser bike is a style of bicycle with a step-through frame and a relaxed, upright seating position. designed for leisure and comfort. Due to their widespread use for commuting, bike touring, and leisurely cruising, cruiser bikes are typically one of the most popular bike types in the United States.

The comfort they offer, and the low maintenance nature of cruiser bikes have made them popular. Due to their wider wheelbases, cruiser bikes are also excellent for commuting to work or school because they are easier to ride on various types of terrain. This is ideal for novice bike riders who want to feel secure while they’re learning!

This is the broadest definition, though there are some variations depending on the subgenre.

The ability to customize and upgrade cruiser bikes is another characteristic you’ll notice. This could involve add-ons like fenders, lights, saddlebags, luggage racks, and other things.

Cruiser bikes are designed for, well, cruising, while other types of bikes are made for much more intense riding. They let you sit upright on a comfortable seat and casually pedal along as you move around to wherever you’re going without requiring you to be in any kind of riding mode or position.

These bikes are unassuming in every way. It is understandable why they are well-liked in coastal communities and how they came to be known as “best beach cruiser bikes.” These bikes are often spotted on boardwalks along beaches across the nation.

No one in their right mind would try to use a cruiser bike for anything other than casual riding around the neighborhood or town, even though they undoubtedly have their limitations. They perfectly encapsulate the essence of biking, which is to unwind and take it all in.

Every rider should have one in their collection because of this. Cruiser bikes serve as a gateway to the original bikes from centuries ago and serve to remind you of what biking should be. Fortunately, they are now much more enjoyable thanks to modern engineering and technology.

A Short History of Cruiser Bikes

There is a long history of cruiser bikes that can be used to identify the sources of inspiration for both BMX and mountain bikes.

In the years at once following the Great Depression, the foundations for cruiser bikes as we know them today were laid. Due to the economic situation at the time, bicycle sales had drastically decreased and had essentially turned into a luxury item.

Schwinn used this as a chance to appeal to the youth market with inexpensive bikes.

The Schwinn B10E, which was made to resemble a motorcycle and even had a body that was inspired by motorcycle design, was the first American cruiser.

The Aero Bike, which featured a more streamlined frame, balloon tyres from Europe, and even a battery-operated headlight, was introduced a few years later.

Sales increased over the following ten years, and these bikes became much more popular, especially as other manufacturers created cruiser bikes for young children.

Due to their stability and ability to carry heavy loads, more adult-oriented versions were frequently used for bike couriering and paperboy jobs.

The popularity of imported bikes, especially the more lightweight, faster road bikes that were also becoming popular, during the 1950s and 1960s led to a decline in the cruiser market.

Further decline was brought on by muscle and lowrider bikes stealing the cruiser design.

By the 1970s, cruisers were only widely used in coastal towns, primarily as a cheap mode of transportation for beachgoers and surfers.

During this time, cruisers’ association with the beach increased significantly.

By the late 1970s, riders in mountain towns were using cruisers because they wanted a more robust bike to ride down ski trails on during the off-season. These cruisers’ modifications and personalization’s eventually gave way to mountain bikes as we know them today.

Many factors contributed to the significant resurgence of cruiser bikes in the 1980s and 1990s. People who wanted a bike for casual use but didn’t want to pay for a road or mountain bike were attracted by their comfortable ride and lower prices. Cruisers were the next best choice as a result.

Several bike manufacturers started to release their own cruiser models around this time, many of them paying homage to the west coast scene. Even businesses got involved, with Harley-Davidson commissioning a cruiser bike that resembled one of their motorcycles.

By the end of this time, every significant bike manufacturer had at least one cruiser model in their product line, and some had even added an entire line as a specialty.

All these bikes still feature the classic features of cruiser bikes, such as the frame style, broad, rounded handlebars, straightforward drivetrains, and wide, balloon-shaped tyres.

The development and resurgence of popularity of cruiser bikes has resulted in a large variety of cruiser bike types and subgenres, as well as a wide range of customization options for added comfort and fashionable flair.

Nowadays, cruiser bikes are a popular type of bicycle and account for a significant portion of annual bike sales, largely because of their accessibility, simplicity, comfort, and vintage aesthetic.

What Makes a Great Cruiser Bike?

Cruiser bikes are made to be stylish, simple to ride, and comfortable for extended rides. Although cruiser bikes have been around for a while, their appeal has increased significantly over the past 20 years or so, particularly with the emergence of the urban bike messenger.

A great cruiser bike should enable you to travel at a reasonable speed and easily navigate most city traffic. We’re going to go over some of the more crucial factors to consider when selecting a great cruiser bike.

A great cruiser bike has a few necessary extras. The footrests and handlebars are both spacious, and the seat is plush. The bike has a classic design that makes people think of summertime and beach vacations. The classic design of the bike makes it perfect for boardwalk and town cycling. The bike works well for both short and long journeys, and it can be used for both transportation and exercise.

Why Should You Buy a Cruiser?

If you want to cruise around town or ride the beach, getting a cruiser is a no-brainer. They are the ideal bicycle for carrying out errands. If you want to relax and feel the wind in your hair, these kinds of bikes are very comfortable.

If you intend to travel long distances, I do not recommend using this bike. These bicycles aren’t designed for long distances, steep hills, or high speeds.

A cruiser is a relaxed bike that is designed to let you take in your surroundings. When you sit down on this seat, you shouldn’t be in a rush. They are ideal for beginners because they are so simple to use. This is the bike for you if you want to ride comfortably and stylishly.

How To Choose the Cruiser That Fits You?

Unlike mountain bikes and racing bikes, cruiser bikes are not produced in the standard sizes. This does not imply, though, that one solution fits all. As a result, you must ensure that the beach cruiser you buy is right for both you and your needs. This is why you should be careful when selecting your beach cruiser.

For various types of riders, different cruisers are designed. Make sure to buy a cruiser that is made for durability if you plan to ride your bike every day.

You won’t need to worry about that feature if you don’t intend to use it frequently. Instead of just selecting the model that looks the best, you should fully understand your riding requirements.

Selecting the best beach cruiser can be challenging. It can be difficult to sort through all the options, especially if you’re just starting out.

How much budget?

Your budget is one of the first factors to take into account when purchasing a cruiser. Setting a maximum price will instantly drop some options, lessening the stress of your decision.

A good beach cruiser typically costs between $200 to $400. You can buy a reliable cruiser for that amount that should last for some time. Anything more expensive than that is regarded as more opulent and is unquestionably worth every penny.

Where To Buy a Cruiser

Numerous beach cruisers and accessories are offered online. Along with a wide range of sizes and features, results are offered from numerous brands. If you’re looking for a used beach cruiser, I suggest looking on Amazon or Craigslist.

Top Cruiser Bike Brands

There are numerous companies producing cruiser bikes today, but there are five that have either been around since the beginning or have established themselves as the best of the best in terms of quality.


The most well-known bicycle manufacturer in America, Schwinn, has contributed significantly to the development of bike technology and innovation in a variety of ways, not just with cruisers.

They have experienced all the various ups and downs in bike fashion over the years and have practically invented both BMX and contemporary cruiser bikes on their own.

Schwinn produced some of the first widely known cruiser bikes in the United States. The business is still going strong with cruisers today because it offers a variety of models to suit different needs and price points.


In terms of being a significant manufacturer who greatly influenced all the various bike trends throughout American history, Huffy isn’t too far behind Schwinn.

In the years following World War II, a Dayton, Ohio, sewing business eventually transitioned into a bike manufacturer. Huffy created the first bicycle with training wheels in 1949, which helped propel them to the top of the bike industry.

Following this invention, they came up with several other ideas, including the infamous Radio Bike, which had an electron tube radio built into the frame tank.

The banana seat was later added to Huffy’s lineup, along with other cruiser bike experiments and innovations. Huffy was also among the first manufacturers of chopper cruiser bikes.

Huffy continues to offer a wide selection of cruiser bikes today at a very competitive price. With their kid’s bike lineup in particular, they have no qualms about adding entertaining extra features and accessories to help enhance the riding experience.


The headquarters of Sun Bicycles are located in Miami, Florida, which seems appropriate for a producer of beach cruisers. In 1971, as other bikes became more and more popular, cruisers were still primarily used for beach use.

This gave Sun the chance to really hone their craft and produce a line of cruisers that were ideal for riding through cities and undoubtedly alongside beaches. Both the aesthetics and the usability of the bikes are highly valued by the manufacturer.

For those who want a little bit more performance and comfort from their bike, Sun manufactures some higher-end cruiser bikes. They continue to concentrate on cruisers even though they also produce everything from recumbent bikes to unicycles.

Riders have a wide range of options from which to choose that will best meet their unique riding requirements and environments.


SixThreeZero, based in Hermosa Beach, California, is the epitome of what a cruiser bike with a west coast vibe should be. The business was set up in 2005, making them a relative newcomer to the field, but they are experts in their field.

SixThreeZero focuses on building cruiser bikes with lots of functionality and stunning aesthetics that are perfect for beach life. They make an effort to keep everything simple, including the aesthetics and the components.

Since the business only produces cruiser bikes, it is clear where their dedication lies. Currently, SixThreeZero only offers a small selection of bikes, but they are all superbly constructed.


One of the oldest bike manufacturers in the world, Raleigh has a colorful past that dates all the way back to the 1800s. Many of the global bike trends that have appeared over the past century can be attributed to the UK-based company.

Although their primary models from the 1930s are very similar to cruiser bikes today, they were not known by that name at the time. These bicycles have influenced the typical “city bikes” that you can now see all over Europe.

The Chopper, a bike produced by Raleigh in the 1960s, was a huge success and had a significant influence on modern lowrider and chopper cruiser bikes.

The Chopper kept a lot of features even though it wasn’t a traditional cruiser technically speaking and redesigned them into a motorcycle-style design.

Raleigh still offers a select group of cruisers that are among the most well-liked both domestically and internationally.

Cruiser Bike Types & Styles – Which is the Best for You?

The casual style of cruiser bikes is well known. They are made to be simple and comfortable to ride. Anyone looking for a convenient way to get around town should consider cruiser bikes.

High-rise handlebars and straight handlebars are just two of the numerous types and designs available for these bikes. The type of cruiser bicycle that is best suited for your needs will depend on your needs, the type of bike you want to ride, and how much money you want to spend.

For those who do not want to spend a lot of money, classic cruiser bikes are perfect. The low-riding beach cruisers, on the other hand, are ideal for riders who prefer to feel the wind in their faces. And for those who appreciate vintage design and customizable features, chopper cruiser bikes are ideal. Even some cruiser bikes have electric motors, allowing you to ride one of them without having to pedal.

It’s important to remember that cruisers can easily handle hills despite being made to be ridden on flat terrain. They are stable and simple to control because of their wide tyres, which are typically at least 26 inches wide. Most cruisers only have one gear and aren’t particularly quick. Additionally, cruiser bikes have an upright seating position, allowing you to see what’s going on around you as you ride.

Classic/Beach Cruiser Bikes

A bicycle style that is often used for transportation or recreation is the Freestyle or Classic, also known as a beach cruiser or cruiser bike. An upright seating position and a broad set of handlebars, also known as “cruiser bars,” are characteristics of this type of bike. In order to keep the rider’s hands in a more neutral position, these handlebars are typically swept back. The “cruiser” part of the name refers to how these bikes almost appear to be cruising down the street.

The higher handlebars, lower-set seat, larger wheels and tyres that are made to easily ride over sand, and more comfortable angle for the rider make beach cruiser bikes stand out. They can be easily distinguished from other bikes by their handle and tyres.

Stretch Cruiser Bikes

Stretch cruiser bikes are vehicles with stretched bodies. The best transportation and touring bikes are stretch cruisers. These bikes are adaptable and suitable for all uses. The long Cruiser bikes are used for a variety of activities, including transportation, patrolling, and recreation.

The bike with a long wheelbase known as a stretch cruiser is designed to travel in style. It is a bike with a variety of features, including the ability to replace a car for short distances and the provision of a smooth ride. It has 20-inch wheels and a steel frame, and it is a cruiser bike. It has a kickstand so that it can stand at your location for a long time. It is a bike that can travel a distance of 20 miles at a top speed of 30 mph. The bicycle also has a basket and a rear rack for carrying your belongings.

The aesthetic appeal of stretch cruisers also plays a role in their appeal. Some riders simply prefer their more distinctive riding style and laid-back attitude. Stretch cruisers with numerous add-ons and customizations are fairly common.

Low Rider Cruiser Bikes

Low Rider cruisers are a type of bicycle made specifically for cruising and lowriding on city streets. There are numerous sizes of the lowrider cruiser bicycle. It is a bicycle designed for long distance travel. Lowrider bikes allow for leisurely riding. On such a bike, you can cruise the sidewalks or shopping centers. Lowrider bicycles are excellent for beach cruising.

These cruiser bikes were first popularized on the west coast as a sort of tribute to low rider cars.

Low riders often have white wall tyres that are also smaller than 26 inches, over-spoked wheels, wide banana seats, springer front forks, and emphasized front and rear fenders.

While low riders were first the result of custom modifications, you can now choose from a wide assortment of low rider cruiser bike lines, with some companies specializing in just low riders.

Despite the fact that low rider bikes occasionally sacrifice functionality for aesthetics, they are still suitable for casual riding in the majority of circumstances, and there are even groups that ride together on them.

Chopper Cruiser Bikes

The Chopper Cruiser is a bike designed to offer a thrilling ride. One of the best cruiser bikes for you and your child is this one. You will receive a bike with 20-inch wheels and a steel frame when you buy it, allowing it to support a lot of weight. This bike is easily capable of carrying 190 pounds. For your added safety, it has a footrest in addition to a great seat. You can easily get on and off this bike thanks to the step-through frame, skid-resistant grips, and other features.

These bikes are produced for both sexes as well as for children of all ages. Therefore, you should buy a Chopper Cruiser Bikes if you’re looking for the ideal bike for you, your wife, or your children. These have a great appearance, are made of high-quality materials, and are very safe.

While chopper bikes can be more comfortable to ride than our low rider cruiser bikes, they are undoubtedly more about style than function. In spite of this, they are primarily for enthusiasts in this field and are designed more for display than anything else.

Multi-Speed Cruiser Bikes

The Multi-Speed Cruisers Bikes are the best choice if you want a bike that you can ride for long distances. The user enjoys a smooth ride on this bike’s 7-speed derailleur. This bike is designed to deliver a smooth and enjoyable ride. The handlebars are in a relaxed position, and the seat is adjustable and comfortable. Included are steel wheels and an alloy crankset. The front of the bike houses a standard caliper brake.

For a first bike, a multi-speed bike is a good choice because it is reliable, reasonably priced, and simple to maintain.

For riders who still want the comfort and laid-back vibe of a cruiser but need to have a few different speed options when making their way along inclines or through areas of their town that have varying features, multi-speed cruiser bikes are ideal.

As a result, biking is generally a better mode of transportation.

Tandem Beach Cruiser Bikes

People who want to travel with their family or a friend can use tandem beach cruiser bikes. These bikes are extremely stylish, comfortable, and equipped with all the typical bike features. Both lightweight and durable, they are. Even though they weren’t made for long rides, tandem bikes are great for trips to the beach. They are easy to assemble and have a spacious seat for the rider and passenger. The tyres are wide and offer great traction on the beach sand. They were designed specifically to absorb the jolts. There are many different types of tandem bicycles. The three most common types of tandem bikes are three-speed, seven-speed, and eight-speed.

This bike is comfortable to ride and control thanks to its soft seat and strong steel frame. The handlebars are made to be simple to grip and give the rider a sense of security.

Electric Beach Cruiser Bikes

The Beach Cruiser family of bikes includes Electric Beach Cruiser Bikes. The bike is available in the market and comes in the colors red and blue. The bicycle is a top-notch, expertly made item. Anyone looking for a cruiser bike that is convenient to use and transport will love this bike. The bike comes in two different models. The two types of bikes are single-speed and three-speed models. The single-speed bike has coaster brakes, while the three-speed bike has hand brakes.

Cruiser Bikes: Distinctions Between Men’s and Women’s Cruisers

Men’s and women’s versions of any type of bike are often questioned, and it makes sense why. using cruiser bicycles. Aside from the size and design of the frame, not much differs.

The comfort, upright seating position, and ergonomic handlebars that characterize cruiser bikes. Although cruisers are advertised to both sexes, they are often referred to as “ladies’ bikes” or “granny bikes.”

The first distinction is that both men and women can buy cruiser bikes. Since traditional bicycles with drop handlebars allow riders to sit more forwards on the bike and supply easier pedaling power from the seated position, some men find it difficult to ride cruisers because of their comfortable upright position. Men’s cruiser bikes typically have much larger frames and a top tube that either runs straight across or slightly curls up.

Women’s cruiser bikes are those that are made for relaxation. These bikes are different from other bikes in terms of size, and they are made in a way that allows them to traverse difficult terrain with ease. The cruiser bikes are constructed so that they are simple to pedal. Women’s cruiser bikes are primarily made to make women feel comfortable over long distances. You’ll notice that the women’s cruiser’s top frame bar actually descends to the seat bar’s lower section when viewed from the steering wheel. This design lowers the mounting height of the women’s version because women are often smaller than men. Women’s cruiser bikes have a top tube that curves downward and are slightly smaller than men’s bikes. The frames might also be a little bit more curved and thinner.

Adults and kids who prefer a relaxed ride without spending a lot of energy or strength should consider a cruiser.

What Separates Cruiser Bikes from Other Bikes?

Cruiser Bike VS. Comfort Bike

Main difference between cruiser bikes vs comfort bikes is that the Cruiser bikes are typically big, heavy machines with broad tyres and handlebars in order to maintain stability at moderate speeds. The majority of cruiser bikes have an easy-to-use coaster brake that stops by pedaling backwards. Comfort bikes typically have swept-back handlebars, which make long-distance riding simpler. The tyres are often thinner for faster speeds and greater comfort. Comfort bikes often have hand brakes on the handlebars and foot brakes on the pedals.

A cruiser bike is a type of bicycle that appears to have been made for leisurely cruising. They lack the road bike’s speed and maneuverability. They are more stable, durable, and large. They’re excellent for a group ride or a leisurely ride with friends. These bikes are made to transmit power effectively and be comfortable over long distances. The best bikes for city commuting are cruisers.

Cruiser Bike VS. Mountain Bike

Since they are frequently ridden on the beach or in casual, laid-back settings, cruiser bikes are also referred to as beach cruisers. Most of the time, when someone is riding a cruiser bike, they aren’t doing it for long-term goals or racing.

The main distinctions between a mountain bike and a cruiser bike are in the bike’s frame and design. For riders who value comfort and style over off-road performance, cruiser bikes are designed. Cruiser bikes have a wider, softer seat and more upright handlebars than mountain bikes. Compared to a mountain bike’s narrow seat, this seat is wider and gives the rider more room for their legs. For smooth, paved surfaces, cruiser bikes with larger tyres are ideal. The larger tyres provide more cushioning due to their increased size, making the ride more comfortable than on a mountain bike.

Standard Beach Cruiser Design Features

You should think about the design features listed below because beach cruisers are not your typical bikes. This will serve as a useful check list as you research the cruiser you want to buy.

When compared to other bicycle types, cruiser bikes have the most features that increase user comfort while cruising. Beach cruiser bikes, also known as cruiser bikes, often incorporate elements of surf or beach culture into their design.

The cruiser bike is made to be ridden in style, and there are many different part options and customization possibilities.


You must first establish what size frame you need before purchasing your cruiser bike.

Your bike’s frame size is decided by your height, arm span, and inseam measurements.

With your shoes on, measure up from the floor to the crotch to figure out your inseam. Because it is unaffected by shoes or posture, your inseam is a better measurement than your height.

Place your arms out to the side and measure from the tip of one finger to the other to get your arm span.

When selecting which size bike you require, the most crucial factor to consider is your height.

Although the size standard varies from brand to brand due to their different measurements for height and size, we have made this cruiser bike size chart to help you. It includes both children’s and adult’s beach cruisers. Please keep in mind that the sizing is only a guideline.

AgeHeightWheel SizeFrame Size
Under 5Under 4 ft16”Up to 10”
5 – 103.5 ft – 4.5 ft 20”12”
10 – Adult4 ft – 5 ft24”15”
Adult 5 ft – 6 ft26”16” – 21”
Adult> 6 ft26”XL
Cruiser Weight

When considering a cruiser bike, the weight is the first consideration. Some cruisers are extremely hefty, which might be difficult for some riders to handle. Because most cruisers are built for stability, adding weight has little effect on the bike’s performance.

You have a lot of choices if you want to buy a cruiser bike. Aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber are all used in the construction of cruiser motorcycles. When buying a bike, one of the numerous aspects to consider is the frame weight. Aluminum is used in one of the cheapest cruiser bike frames. Aluminum is a lightweight metal. Depending on your situation, this can be a gain or a disadvantage. Aluminum is an excellent choice if you want to increase endurance and like biking long distances.


One of the easiest bikes to use and keep is a cruiser bike. They are simple to ride and require little upkeep. However, there are a few things to consider when riding a cruiser bike to ensure that it lasts a long time. A cruiser bike should be kept in a location where it can be easily ridden. To avoid tyre deflation, the riding surface should not be too harsh. The brakes can’t be squeaky. The grips on the hands should not be too harsh. The gears must be in place and moving freely so that you may easily and rapidly use them. The chain must not be slack. It’s important that the chain doesn’t rust. You must not ride the bike when the parking brakes are on.

if you want to ensure a long life for your cruiser bike, you will have to do some preventive maintenance.


Riding a cruiser bike is all about relaxation and freedom, right? Nothing to be concerned about. The first thing to remember while riding a cruiser bike is that they are not designed for speed. They are designed to let you enjoy the scenery as you ride, if you want to go faster you should try a road bike or a mountain bike.  This is where the biggest safety factor lies.  The less you are focused on speed and more on enjoying the moment, the less likely you are to get into an accident.


The first thing we should consider while buying a bike is its mobility. Because the rider’s aptitude is directly reflected in the bike’s mobility. If you are short, a small bike is best, and if you are tall, a large bike is best.

Every bike has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. A cruiser bike is a bike that has a little bit of everything for you. The massive wide seat, upright riding position, and large wheels are all included. However, you get the agility needed to maneuver around and through obstacles.


A cruiser with good aerodynamics makes pedaling and riding easier overall. Additionally, it increases comfort in general.


Every cyclist wants to ride more safely and comfortably. Bikes come with a wide variety of seats and saddles when it comes to comfort. Of course, comfort is a matter of personal preference, but you won’t want to ride a bike if the seat irritates your posterior. Furthermore, what is cozy on a stationary bike might not be cozy while you are actually riding. That’s because your muscles will be working in unfamiliar ways. Getting off the bike could cause numbness and pain in your muscles, particularly in your legs. To find a more comfortable position, you might also need to adjust the settings on your seat and handlebars.


Pick the look that best suits you. I briefly discussed a few of the most popular cruiser options available to you. The low rider is very fashionable, and the stretch is incredibly cozy. The traditional cruiser is the best choice. Make sure the bike you choose exudes “wow” appeal.


Pick a beach cruiser’s color based on how well it matches your personality. Some retailers and online marketplaces might not have certain colors in stock. Before making a purchase, be sure to check.


A cruiser’s frame can easily be distinguished from other frames. In order to provide better support, they typically have sweeping curves on the edges and an additional tube between the top and bottom.

The most common frame material is steel, which does add weight to the bike but also makes it more stable.


A cruiser bike’s wheels are relatively conventional and have several spokes to give the rims plenty of support and prevent them from bending. Since coaster brakes are almost never used on these bikes, most rims aren’t designed for brake pads.

One of the most distinguishing features of a cruiser bike is its tyres. They help keep the ride more comfortable and provide some shock absorption for the bike thanks to their width and thickness. The tyres tread doesn’t have any knobs, but it does have a typical pattern that directs water away if you come across it.

Despite their appearance, cruiser bike tyres are actually quite resilient and can withstand most sharp objects that may be in your path. They also give the bike a slight ruggedness when riding on sand or some rougher concrete sections.

I suggest purchasing these 2″ rubber tyres for the wheels. Verify that the tread is sturdy and does not deteriorate quickly. You do not want to frequently replace tyres, I assure you.

Make sure to refer to the size chart because the diameter of your wheel will vary depending on your size. Typically, you’ll purchase a 26″ rim for an adult.

By looking at the cruiser sizing chart, you can determine what size wheels are best for you. Remember that overcoming surface roughness is best accomplished with larger wheel diameters. The most typical cruiser wheels have 32 spokes and are made of alloy rims.


One of the key components that contributes to the cruiser bike’s laid-back appearance are the handlebars. They are fastened to a long stem that extends up from the frame and moves a few inches forwards. The handlebars themselves have an inward curve that frequently resembles a half circle.

When compared to other handlebar designs, which are primarily straight on BMX, mountain, and road bikes, this is significantly different.

Instead of leaning forwards and sort of hovering over the front end, the rider of a cruiser bike can steer from a relaxed position with their hands.

The rider is kept more upright, and the back is kept more comfortable, which is ideal for casual, leisurely riding. Although you do have less precision than you would with other bikes, a cruiser shouldn’t require it.

The beach cruiser is distinguished by its curved handlebars. They promote a more upright stance, which relieves back strain. Riding in this manner makes you feel more at ease. Your handlebars can also be changed. Some people prefer handlebars with ape hangs.


Another notable distinction between this bike and other bikes is the saddle or seat. Given that you’ll be riding a cruiser bike for most of the day, comfort should be the top priority when choosing a saddle.

With other bikes, you frequently stand up while pedaling for extended periods of time, which lessens the importance of saddle coverage and increases the importance of weight reduction.

On the contrary, a cruiser bike. Comfort is a concern, not weight. The saddle is very roomy, well-cushioned, and frequently has springs underneath the back.

Your ride will be easier on your bottom thanks to this. For even more comfort and padding, some saddles may have an additional layer of padding or gel.


The brakes on a typical cruiser bike are as basic as they come. The hand brakes found on BMX, road, and entry-level mountain bikes may be familiar to you, but a cruiser typically uses a coaster brake.

It’s likely that your bike used these if you rode bikes as a kid. Coaster brakes are simply activated by slamming the pedal backwards, which locks the back wheel up right away. This contributes to the cruiser bike’s simplicity.

A hand brake, or even two, are available on some models. Since a coaster brake is not an option because of the drivetrain, these are most frequently used with multi-gear cruiser bikes.


The cruiser bike’s other straightforward feature. One crank wheel and a rear cassette hub make up the entire drivetrain of traditional cruiser bikes because they only have one gear. This contributes significantly to the casual riding aspect of the cruiser and gives it a no-frills appearance.

Most of the time, you don’t actually need more than one gear because cruiser bikes are meant for cruising. There are multi-gear models, though, which typically offer three gears rather than just one.

These are for cruiser bike riders who require a little more performance versatility, particularly if they frequently ride up hills or use the bike for more serious transportation.

This implies that the bike will also have hand brakes, as we previously highlighted.

You might want your bike to have gears depending on your riding requirements. Buy a cruiser with multiple speeds if you enjoy using hand brakes, feel the need for speed, and intend to climb hills.

There are configurations available with up to 7 gears. Remember that multi-gear cruisers will probably require more upkeep. Choose a single speed cruiser if you want to keep things straightforward, minimal, and just cruise at a leisurely pace.


The pedals on a cruiser bike are ordinary platform pedals made of hard plastic. Although occasionally you may see some metal models, plastic is by far the most common.

The pedals ought to have padding, some tread, and durability. Your beach cruiser’s stock pedals should work just fine and last for many years. However, you can personalize by conducting an online search for cruiser pedals.


At this point, cruiser bikes frequently come equipped with fenders, but some simpler models don’t. To prevent mud or water from flying up in your face or getting all over you, fenders are installed directly over the tyres.

The fenders are mounted to either the fork or the rear chain stays and are placed very close to the tyres. Fenders typically cover about half of the tyre and curve perfectly with it.

If your bike is missing fenders, adding them is a very simple DIY project. Some riders who are more concerned with style may opt to do without the stock fenders and add their own.


One of the coolest aspects of a cruiser bike is the accessories. There are many options available to you, and you can really add functionality and personality to your bike.

Headlights are a typical addition. Older cruiser bikes typically had headlights built in, but there’s a good chance you might need to add your own.

There are many bullet-shaped headlights available that you can quickly mount on the handlebar. These are typically battery-operated, but if you’re more knowledgeable, you might find solar lights or pedal-powered options.


An additional common addition are saddlebags. To store smaller items, these can be mounted directly below the saddle.

If even that isn’t enough, you can upgrade the bike by adding a rear luggage rack. This attaches to the rear chain stay and provides a wider surface so you can tow heavier loads.

You can choose the front basket if you prefer a more traditional appearance. These come both with and without lids that close. A handlebar-mounted horn might be a good idea if you ride your bike frequently in close proximity to many pedestrians or other cyclists.

A suspension seat post, a banana seat, or both can be installed for those who want to add a little bit more comfort and style to their bicycle.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Owning a Cruiser Bike

Benefits of Owning Cruiser Bikes

The benefits of owning a beach cruiser are numerous. These bikes are actually incredibly useful to own.

  1. Since you can use it every day, it will be useful when you need it most.
  2. Unlike a mountain bike where you would have to tuck your pant legs into your shoes or socks, a cruiser does not require you to change your clothing before getting on.
  3. The beach cruiser gives you the option of sitting upright rather than slouching. It is simple to hold and turn the handlebars. When you ride, your entire body actually feels more at ease.
  4. Beach cruisers make it very easy to run errands around town. To carry any goods or groceries while riding, a basket can be easily added to the front. You won’t be as likely to perspire on these bikes because they encourage a less strenuous riding style.
  5. Overall, cruise ships require less maintenance. They are stronger because of the steel frame. Cruisers typically have internal hubs to keep them running smoothly.
  6. Beach cruisers also have a nice appearance. They undoubtedly catch people’s attention. While riding, you’ll appear at peace. So, yes, it significantly raises your social standing.
Drawbacks of Owning Cruiser Bikes

The use of a beach cruiser has some drawbacks. To help you be aware, I’ve listed a few below.

  1. This is not the bike to own if you need to get somewhere quickly. On a cruiser, reaching high speeds is very challenging. In comparison to using a conventional road bike, it will take you longer to get where you’re going.
  2. Beach cruisers with one speed are not equipped with handbrakes. Instead, to stop, you must pedal just a little bit backwards. It might take some getting used to for those of you who are used to using hand brakes.
  3. There are curved handlebars. These handlebars are a little more challenging to maneuver than they were when I first started riding cruisers. Compared to using a straight handlebar, turning left and right felt different. You can learn, though, very quickly.
  4. Some of these bicycles have only one or two gears. There may not be a downshifting option, which would make pedaling more difficult if you were climbing a steep hill.

Is a multi-speed cruiser bike better?

The idea of a single speed bike might seem a little strange to you if you are used to riding a mountain or road bike, or it might give you the impression that you won’t be nearly as efficient with your pedaling.

In general, you’re correct.

But here’s the thing—these aren’t race bikes; they’re cruiser bikes. They are designed to move around easily and without having to worry about reaching high speeds, gaining speed up hills, or accelerating around turns.

Cruiser bikes are designed to be pedaled between periods of coasting; they are not too difficult to start from a stop, but they have enough speed to keep you moving along without difficulty.

This isn’t to say that you can’t ride a cruiser bike with multiple speeds, though. In many instances, it might even make your ride more enjoyable.

Most multi-speed cruiser bikes have three speeds and don’t go faster than seven.

If you do occasionally need to pick up some extra speed or climb a steep hill, these few extra gears can really help. They increase the bike’s versatility and, if used frequently, can make longer rides more bearable.

A single speed is perfect if all you need your bike for is occasional cruising around. A multi-speed is your best choice if you need to get a little bit more mileage out of your bike, whether it’s for short commutes or a lack of flat, uninteresting terrain.

Which brakes are best for cruiser bike? Coaster Brakes VS. Hand Brakes

There is some disagreement over whether coaster brakes or hand brakes are better for a cruiser bike, much like there is with gears. Both offer some benefits of their own, but we believe it comes down to preferences and needs.

Pros and Cons of Coaster Brakes and Hand Brakes

The brakes you’ll most frequently see on a cruiser bike are coaster brakes. We’ve talked about this a little, but let’s get a little more specific.

There are no moving parts to worry about, making coaster brakes incredibly simple. All you have to do to use the is push the pedals backwards rather than forwards.

Depending on how much pressure you apply, this locks the chain and causes the rear wheel to slow down or come to a stop.

Many people are accustomed to this type of braking because their early BMX bikes likely employed it.

It might take some getting used to if you’ve never used them. Even if you did use them when you were younger, you might need some time to adjust.

The main benefit of a coaster brake setup is that it is very straightforward.

There are no brake pads to worry about replacing, brake lines to tighten or replace, or anything else that could go wrong with these brakes.

Your worries about maintenance and having to keep an eye out for potential brake failures are greatly reduced as a result.

Although hand brakes require a little more effort, they supply a better, more controlled sense of braking. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about positioning your feet to make an instantaneous stop.

You can coast more easily by using the hand brakes. As you maneuver around, you can keep your knee and legs more relaxed while applying light pressure to the brake lever as necessary to keep control.

Most people believe hand brakes to be safer and more efficient. You really don’t have a choice but to use hand brakes if you ride a cruiser bike with multiple speeds.

Verdict on Brake types

We will adhere to tradition and use the coaster brakes. The cruiser bike has a more retro, authentic feel due to the requirement to push the pedal backwards when slowing.

However, knowing that you’ll never have to worry about having to change brake pads, get your lines tuned up, or anything else that goes along with hand brakes just seems to fit the spirit and easy-riding intentions of a cruiser. Yes, hand brakes may be easier in some situations.

However, if you end up with a cruiser that has hand brakes, don’t feel bad; they are completely acceptable and, in some cases, even preferable.

Final Words

Owning a personal beach cruiser is the best way to navigate the city. You will adore riding a cruiser if you enjoy riding a bike. This 1930s-style bicycle is stylish, sophisticated, and cozy to ride. They stand out from the crowd without a doubt.

Cruisers are used for leisurely rides along the beach or for quick trips to the grocery store. So, if you want to live a carefree lifestyle, this is the perfect guide to help you pick the ideal one. They are among the simplest types of bikes to buy online, and there are a variety of options.

I hope you find this advice useful as well! The majority of these bikes are within reach of most budgets. To be honest, however, you most likely won’t spend more than $300 on a high-quality cruiser that you will adore.

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