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Participate in the first voluntary, industry-wide e-bike battery recycling initiative in the United States.

More than 40 bike industry leaders from 20 PeopleForBikes member companies came together under a sustainability task force and electric bicycle committee to create an industry-leading e-bike battery recycling program in partnership with Call2Recycle. This was done to ensure that the batteries were handled safely, responsibly, and kept out of landfills.

Between 2020 and 2030, it is anticipated that more than 12 million electric bicycles (e-bikes) would be marketed in the US. These 12 million batteries, which were used to power those e-bikes, must be collected and recycled in a safe and responsible manner once they reach the end of their useful lives.

eBike Brand Owners or Manufacturers

The e-bike battery collection and recycling initiative is being managed by Call2Recycle, which is approved by PeopleForBikes. They provide recycling kits, transportation and logistics, safety materials, and rider education.

eBike Riders

Buy > Ride > Return > Recycle

Your e-bike battery will eventually run out of life. To keep the environment, people, and property safe, that battery must be handled carefully when that time comes. It shouldn’t be disposed of in the garbage or recycle.

You can be sure your batteries are recycled safely and ethically thanks to this scheme endorsed by the industry.

eBike Retailers

You, your clients, and the environment will benefit if you take part in an e-bike battery recycling program.

You may now register with Call2Recycle for free as an e-bike store to have your location act as a collection place for used e-bike batteries. Once signed up, your location will be displayed on the websites of Call2Recycle and PeopleForBikes, making it simple and convenient for riders to drop off their e-bike batteries for recycling.

Call2Recycle will offer retailers instruction in safe battery handling and preparation, recycling kits for damaged or defective batteries that have reached the end of their useful lives, and safety supplies. They will also make arrangements for the collection, transportation, and recycling of the e-bike batteries.

Call2Recycle gives tips for merchants to bear in mind when charging, storing, and transporting e-bike batteries as part of the program’s dedication to safe, responsible, and legal battery management. Download Here


Credits: Call2Recycle (

Which brands or manufacturers are participating in the eBike Battery Recycling Program?

The following brands are participating in the program:

Alta Cycling Group (Diamondback, iZip, Haibike, Redline)


BCycle LLC

BikeCo. (Fuji, Breezer, Tuesday)

Bunch Bikes



EUCAN Distribution Inc.

Evil Bikes

Gazelle USA, LLC (Gazelle, Urban Arrow)

Giant Bicycles (Giant, Liv, Momentum)

Hawley Lambert Cycling (EVO, PWR)

Kona – The Bicycle Group

Live To Play Sports (Norco)

Madsen Cycles

Marin Mountain Bikes, Inc. (Marin)


Priority Outdoor Products, LLC (Priority Bicycles)

Promovec America Inc.

Quality Bicycle Products (Surly, Benno, Fazua)

Robert Bosch LLC

Rocky Mountain Bicycles

Santa Cruz Bicycles

Shimano North America Bicycle, Inc.

Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.

Tern Bicycles

Trek Bicycle Corporation (Trek, Electra)

Vvolt e–Mobility LLC

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA

Yeti Cycles

Have an e-bike battery to recycle?

Locate a drop-off spot here.

Please be patient as we continue to create a nationwide collection network if there aren’t any places nearby right away.

How to signup for eBike Battery Recycling Program?

Visit to register your business as a Call2Recycle e-bike battery recycling center. Your team members must enroll in and complete the online Call2Recycle training course to become familiar with battery recycling procedures and safety.

How to signup for eBike Battery Recycling Program?

Visit to register your business as a Call2Recycle e-bike battery recycling center. Your team members must enroll in and complete the online Call2Recycle training course to become familiar with battery recycling procedures and safety.

What happens if a customer declines to pay the $15 recycling fee?

We advise against adding the Ascend SKU to the purchase if a customer declines to pay the $15 recycling cost.

How does the program work for consumers?

When a customer’s battery is no longer usable, they can drop it off at your store (or any other store that has been authorized as a collection site) and be sure that the battery will be properly recycled.

How can I collect the $15 recycling fee from consumers?

We advise charging the $15 recycling fee at the time of sale by include the Ascend Call2Recycle SKU in the purchase. This SKU was made by: Navigate to Database Explorer > Products • Click the green “+” button on the top left • In the Edit Product window, enter the following information: ■Description: Call2Recycle Ebike Battery Recycling ■UPC: CALL2RECYCLE ■SKU: CALL2RECYCLE ■Manufacturer’s Part Number: Call2Recycle Ebike ■Estimated Cost: $0.00 ■MSRP: $15.00 ■Check the Non-Inventory box under Properties on the top right • Click Save

How much will customers pay to recycle their batteries?

A $15 recycling fee is applied to the purchase price of a new e-bike for the consumer. There are no extra fees when a client comes into your store to recycle a battery.

What if a customer has an e-bike and battery already?

The consumer can bring an e-bike they previously purchased to your store for free battery recycling if they are ready to do so.

What happens to the battery once I return it?

Call2Recycle collaborates with reputable recycling companies across the nation to recover components from used e-bike batteries and use them to create new goods in a secure and sustainable manner.

Is this program mandatory for my shop?

No, you are not forced to enrol in this programme, however doing so is highly advised. Regardless of participation in the scheme, all stores will be charged the $15 recycling cost for e-bikes and standalone batteries. Customers can still recycle their e-bike batteries at other Call2Recycle drop-off locations.

What should I do when my batteries are ready for pickup?

If the battery is undamaged after inspection, you should put it in a recycling kit and call UPS to arrange for pickup within 24-48 hours. The $15 fee paid by the customer at the time of purchase covers pick-up and delivery fees. The cost of the UPS pick-up service is not your responsibility. In order to ensure that the damaged battery is handled appropriately, you must contact Call2Recycle. They will arrange for a FedEx freight pickup if the battery is damaged.

What’s the best way to promote this program at the point of purchase?

Check out the training materials offered on Trek U to learn how to advertise and discuss this program throughout the sales process.

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