How To Update The Garmin GPS – Maps and Software

An internal GPS unit is quite helpful if you’re tired of screaming at Siri or trying to look up an address. You only need to state where you want to go, and then you’re on your way. 

However, in order for your Garmin GPS device to be useful, it must have a current list of all mapped roads and highways. Everyone has heard of a situation in which your GPS starts leading you down a dark path that leads to a dead end.

Garmin GPS is manufactured by as name suggests, Garmin, a multinational software company that was founded over 30 years ago. They have indeed customized in Satellite navigation for automobiles, marine, and avionics maps, as well as outdoor and sports activities, and are now best known for their watches.

You may upgrade your Garmin GPS software in a number of methods, so be sure to read this tutorial if your version is out-of-date or if you want to learn how to determine your current version.

Table of Content

In this guide we have covered the following areas for Garmin GPS:

  1. How to create myGarmin account
  2. How to register your Garmin GPS device
  3. Purchasing Map Updates
  4. How to download Map Updates
  5. How to update Map updates
  6. Updating Garmin without a computer
  7. Never been simpler to update
  8. Garmin GPS FAQs
How to update the garmin gps maps and software

How To Create myGarmin Account

First, we need to create an account and register our device. Creating an account is very simple and easy, just follows few steps.

  • To create an account goes to Google and search Garmin website, open the link and click on Create New Account, know fill all the required information.
  • Click the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement, read all the agreements carefully, now click on check box Agree to Terms of Use and Privacy Statement, and click on
  • Choose the checkbox next to each form of communication you want to sign up for.
  • Click Subscribe to the selected communication, or click on Do Not Subscribe to avoid all other subscription.
  • You are immediately logged into your myGarmin account.

Congratulations on your myGarmin account, know you will easily connect your device and update Garmin GPS.

How To Register Your Garmin GPS Device:

After creating your account on Garmin second step is to register your device, for the registration connects your device with your computer or laptop. For more details, consult your devices owner manual. If you don’t have any manual for your device, than go to google  or Garmin main website and search for Garmin support, and click the Product Documentation. Fill the form with required information and select the handout for your preferred language. On Home tab, click on Registration, make sure that you have the suggested items, and then click on Continue. To complete the registration, adhere to the instructions on the screen.

Purchasing Garmin GPS Map Updates:

For your registered device, you can check for updates that can be purchased. 

Visit the suggested website, sign onto your myGarmin account,  and select the My Maps option. Next to each of your registered devices, a list of the maps that are presently installed and the updates that are available appears. If a free update icon appears next to a device, that device qualifies for a free map update. To get the free update, visit myGarmin and follow the on-screen instructions (see downloading Map Update).

To browse paid map updates for your device, click Update Available, if available. To purchase an update, click Add to Cart, and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the transaction.

How To Download Garmin GPS Map Updates:

Both free and paid map updates are available for download through your myGarmin account. 

Now, link your device to your computer, consult your device’s owner’s handbook for more details, visit the Garmin website, log into your myGarmin account, and you should get notifications for recently purchased map updates and freely available updates in the Home tab.

From the Home menu, select Order Now and then Get Free Update to get a free update. 

When upgrading device software displays read the license agreement and clicks Accept Agreement to download the most recent version of the device software. To download a newly purchased update, click Add to Device from the Home tab. To finish the software update, adhere to the instructions displayed on screen.

Click next after selecting Download, then enter your product key and click Continue. Now click Download to finish.

Downloading of the Garmin Map Update application begins.

Use the Garmin Map Update application to apply your map updates after saving this file somewhere you can readily remember, like the desktop.

How To Install Map Updates:

You must first download the Garmin Map Update application before you can install a map update.

Connect your device to your computer.

Run GarminmapUpdate .exe file for Windows or .dmg file for Mac to update your device’s maps.

If necessary, choose the device you wish to update, click Continue, check the box to accept the license agreement, and then click Continue.

You can view your product key by entering into your myGarmin account, selecting the myMaps tab, and then selecting Details next to the map update you want to install if the product key does not show immediately.

One of the pages listed below appears:

  1. If the maps update is available for your device, click Ready to Update Your Map. When your maps show, choose an alternative by clicking the device-recommended map region. A page displaying the installation’s status appears. When the installation is finished, click Continue. The installation procedure could take up to several minutes. Click Exit when your map update is finished installing so that you may start using it.
  2. A popup will ask you to back up and remove data from your device if your device does not have enough storage space. To delete any stored music or images from your device, select yes. Choose the option to save music and photographs to your computer before deleting them from your device, or choose no to keep the music and pictures you’ve previously stored on your device.
  3. If the option to click advanced to select a map region or to install maps to your computer comes when your map is ready to be updated, choose that option. The coverage for the selected map region is then shown on the graphical map. Alternately, pick a choice from the advanced option page, decide where you want to install the map update, and then click OK. Click Proceed once the installation is complete. The map is ready for use once updates have been deployed.

The map product can be used with Garmin Mapping Programs like Mapsource, BaseCamp, and Mapinstall by installing map to your computer.

  1. On a Windows computer, choose install to device only, install to device and computer, or install to computer only.
  2. On a Mac computer, choose install to device only, install to device and computer, or install to computer only. 

A screen displaying the installation status will appear with the option to install the map for use on my Mac selected or deselected. 

Once the installation is finished, which could take up to several hours, select Continue then Exit so that your map update can be used.

Updating Garmin GPS Without A Computer:

You can utilize any Garmin GPS device you own, including the Drive, Drive, and Garmin Nuvi. 

For more information on your options if you don’t have a direct computer connection, see this section. Using a USB connection to your PC, traditional GPS devices that typically operate on a map-on-screen system for trucks and cars can be updated.

However, more modern model, including the DriveSmart 51 and other gadgets with Wi-Fi access, have been introduced. Simply connect your device to the same wireless network that the Express is using to transfer user data and updates using this approach.

As an alternative, other Garmin sporting goods for hiking or sailing can operate and connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone running the Connect Mobile app. With this, you can update from any location where a cellular signal is available.

It’s Never Been Simpler To Update Your Garmin Software!

You now know how to update the software on your Garmin GPS device. 

Garmin provides a variety of software update options, allowing you to pick the one that works best for you. You have the option of using Wifi, the Garmin Connect smartphone app, or the Garmin Express app. You can decide whether to manually or automatically download updates.

Garmin GPS FAQs:

Can I update my Garmin GPS for free?

Navigate to the myMaps tab. Each of your registered devices has a list of the maps that are installed right now and the updates that are accessible. Note: A device qualifies for a free map update if the phrase “Free Update Available” appears next to it. The update is available for free download via myGarmin.

Can I update my Garmin without a computer?

By connecting your device to a Wi-Fi network that offers Internet access, you can update the maps and software. By doing this, you can update your gadget without having to connect it to a computer. (Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network) Join the device to a Wi-Fi network.

Does my Garmin need to be updated?

Periodically, Garmin publishes system software upgrades. To make sure the device has the most recent system software, it is advised to check for updates every three to four months.

Can I update my Garmin GPS with my phone?

You can use your smartphone’s Garmin ConnectTM Mobile app to automatically update the software of your device (Updating the Software Using Garmin Connect Mobile). Visit to get the program.

Can you update an old Garmin GPS?

The most recent map and software updates for your device can be downloaded and installed using the Garmin ExpressTM program. To ensure that your smartphone keeps calculating precise and effective routes to your destinations, map updates include the most recent mapping data.

Can I update my Garmin GPS via Bluetooth?

By utilizing Garmin Express, you can upgrade the Bluetooth software on your device. The Bluetooth update must be downloaded separately because it is not a part of the regular device software update.

Can you update a GPS for free?

The OpenStreetMap project lets you get maps and upload them to your system without spending any money, so you can update your GPS for nothing. A database of free maps that is updated by volunteers makes up this Open Source software. Different navigation systems are compatible with the downloaded maps.

How do I know if my Garmin software is up to date?

Firmware Version: To update Go to Settings on the Garmin device. Click on About Device. Opt for System Updates.

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