Importance of Wearing a Helmet When Riding a Bike

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Helmets help to reduce the severity of head injuries. When cycling, cyclists have a higher chance of fatal head injury than when in a motor vehicle accident. The chances are increased if they do not wear a helmet when riding the bike.

Some studies have shown that cyclists who don’t wear helmets while riding their bikes are at a 60% greater risk of head injury and almost twice as likely to die in an accident.

Cycling fatalities are usually caused by traumatic brain injuries, which can be reduced by wearing helmets. Non-fatal incidents have also been reported and can lead to accidents due to serious injuries, such as skull fractures or closed head trauma. The failure to wear a helmet is responsible for 54% of bike fatalities. In non-fatal incidents, wearing a helmet also minimises the severity of injuries. Here are a few additional reasons why you should wear a helmet.

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Helmets keep your head safe

A helmet is a device you wear on your head to protect it when you are riding a bicycle. Helmet provides protection as they are made of strong and hard material. Helmets also protect your head from injury as they have a hard shell that covers most of the head.

Many people, like adults and children, have been injured while riding bicycles without wearing their helmet. It is important to always wear a helmet because if not, your head will be hurt, and you will need medical assistance afterwards. It is usually safer to seek medical assistance if you are unsure if an accident has resulted in an injury.


Helmets offer protection from the elements

Protecting your head from rain, UV damage, and wind is an integral part of commuting by bicycle.

Wearing a helmet protects you from the elements and can be mandatory in certain areas. It is important to have a helmet that provides protection from the above-mentioned adverse weather conditions.

Popular bicycle helmets come with visors to protect you from the sun and a special coating that protects you against rain.


Cycling helmets that are properly fitted increase visibility

Cycle helmets are equipped with safety strips, lights or both to increase the rider’s visibility to other vehicles.

It is important for cyclists and motorists to understand the dangers of collisions occurring. Studies have shown that a cyclist’s visibility may be low during dawn and dusk because of these lights; consequently, they must be more visible with luminous strips or lights.

Following any safety guidelines will reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries because it teaches cyclists to take distance, wear a helmet and wear bright clothes. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are involved in a cycling accident and require medical assistance.



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