Purchasing A New Bicycle? There Are 11 Things You Should Consider




The best strategy to learn is from experience, either from your own experience or from others so you can save yourself from the reflection points. Here we have compiled 11 factors to consider when purchasing a new bicycle.

Pandemic has already given a dent on world economies, we witnessed how everything was stopped and almost all countries around the globe were taking measures by closing borders. All the industries were getting bottom hit however we saw the booming and flourishing online world, consistently growing bigger and smarter.

However, because there was a high traffic in online world providing new avenues and ways to market and launch new products such as bicycles technologies, models, and bicycle accessories etc and on the other side the supply chain management was at completely disrupted and at worst stage, the physical goods were no way near to stores for customer deliveries. In these situations, customers usually prefer to have a good and priority service.

We all have made mistakes in managing our activities, the key here is to learn from them.

We have studied and compiled some key informational points to consider when shopping for a new bike in person. Although you will be tempted to buy a new bicycle when you see new ones in store windows all the time. Please take these suggestions, we hope these will assist you in making an informed purchase.

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1. Don’t Buy Without First Taking A Test Ride Using Demo Bicycles


Almost all bike dealers have demo bikes in place, manufacturers know the customers desire to have a feeling before making a purchase. Demo Cycles are not just benefitting the customers, it also benefits the dealers in getting rebates from manufacturers which ultimately be passed on customers, as part of the marketing campaign and or customer retention.

Demo new bicycle provides a chance to customer by getting a real feel and pleasure of the new product without even paying for it. We suggest when you use demo, have a chat with your designated sales representative to obtain your options of rent or demo trial days. During your trial, check the saddle comfort and try to ride in different conditions to perform your evaluation such as around the street, parking lot, some simple short pedal and on long street ride etc, that is how you will know if this bike truly fits on your expectations.

2. Don’t Test A Bicycle In Store If You Are Purchasing It Online


When you are using a demo new cycle for trial, try to ask all your concerns and clarifications with sales representative. Seek clarification even on minor level, salesperson is there to provide you all the key information to support your buying decision.

As Mark Twain said: “He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.”

If you notice that customer service is great and amount of informational support you have received is satisfying then buy the bike from that store, it’s a simple rule you the sales representative earned has won your trust with your satisfaction, good brands always take care of their customers.

Avoid using this newly obtained information and using the same metrices to buy it online, just to get some savings from other online retailers. Instead, you can negotiate with this store by mentioning this online deal from their competitors, this is one of key price negotiation skills.

3. Don’t Limit Yourself, Do Research, Find The Best And Latest


Technological advancement is one of the core development segments among all manufacturers, the core focus is winning the customer satisfaction. The customer satisfaction can only be obtained via listening to customer complaints and provide durability with efficient performance. Satisfied customers are always loyal to brands, in fact research shows that a satisfied customer performs marketing of your products for free.

Word of mouth goes long way in market. So, when you are considering buying a new bicycle try to assess what other competitors are doing in the same space. The key difference in their new bicycles, their unique selling propositions being offered.

This single action will be helpful for you in your buying decision to find a perfect new bicycle meeting your needs.

4. Don’t Compromise On Your Bicycle Specifications


When buying a new bicycle, it is an utmost important to consider your desired specifications to be present in the available product.

Be strong, do not buy the bicycle as it is offering you a great deal, the discount is great but what is the point when you won’t be using it later, this new bicycle will be kept in garage. I have learned this in a hard way. Take this advice and do not feel under pressure or be kind to purchase the existing bike when you are not satisfied with the saddle, or you are not comfortable with the size (in case your desired size is just one up but out of stock).

Prefer your comfort from the offer, ask the salesperson to accommodate your request and make adjustment in offered product. This small step will sweeten the deal for you.

If your required product is out of stock, then shop around or wait for it but don’t compromise on your preffered choice in new bicycle.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Interact With The Salesperson


Sales representatives are subject matter experts, and their mission isn’t just to make a sale. The finest firms teach their sales representatives to earn the confidence and loyalty of their customers, and by doing so, the brand hopes to sell more new bicycles in the long run rather than just one.

In this current era, I believe one can find all the required information by simply googling it. However, if you see the salesperson is engaging and the communication is moving both ways, it’s a clear sign that this brand is looking after their customers and for sure great customer service is a key for success in current competitive market, be it online or physical retail.

6. Your Riding Objective Vs Current Offer With New Bicycles


Do not consider buying a new bicycle without considering this key factor. Your bicycle riding goals are the primary reason you are about to make a purchase. Be 100% honest to yourself, consider and asses your riding type. You can’t buy a mountain bike and use it for race.

Your concentration should be on the strengths of your riding type. Ensure that all the key parts fitted in bike are as you need them to be, small tweaks or adjustments can be requested to salesperson before purchase. it will be costing you more if you missed this step and ended up with requiring major adjustments.

If you are still not confident, I suggest waiting and shop around, obtain more information by asking more questions. The more confident you are the better deal you will get.

7. Which Bicycle Accessories To Skip When Shop For New Bicycle?


Short answer is “None”. Cycle accessories are very important and yet mostly people just plan to buy the bike only. It is recommended to also have a budget when you are buying cycle for your accessories which you will need for sure.

The experts recommend at a minimum essential level are helmet, cycle riding gloves, caged water bottle, small bike pump or CO2 inflator and cartridges, spare tube, chain lube, tire levers, Bike multi-tool and bicycle lock.

8. Price Negotiation And Special Offer Discounts Available of New Bicycles


Negotiating prices is a skill which is in use, even getting 5% or 10% makes an impact. The negotiation provides a lot of leverage in purchasing used bicycle as well. Strategy and mindset remain the same, start the negotiation process by simply asking, “Is that your best price?” Maintain a kind and positive approach.

Your body language and facial expressions plays a big role. Look intrigued, but not so eager that they’ll assume you’ll buy anyway. Be nice and smile but be ready to walk away if necessary.

Here are some recommendations to support you for a better deal. Always research on required bicycle, be polite, Search for good opportunity time to buy and focus on unique features of bicycle, enquire for additional bicycle accessories, think from seller’s end.

9. Don’t Ignore The Final Fitting Of Your Newly Purchased Bicycle


No, tingly or numb hands and feet, pain in knees or saddle discomfort are not ‘part’ of cycling. Majority of bicycle dealers have workshop facility in place, they will fix these difficulties and provide you the best value-added improvement.

Though final fitting varies in price, a good bike fitting normally costs around $200 and takes no less than two hours. It is advised to obtain this benefit at the time of purchase.

Most common pain and impacted areas and the underlying root cause shows where fitting problems are:

  • Anterior or lateral knee pain is frequently caused by saddle height.
  • Knee soreness, saddle contact, stability, poor pedalling, and so on are all symptoms of saddle fore/aft.
  • Back/neck/shoulder issues, saddle contact, knee/hip stability, and other issues with front-end drop to bars.
  • Foot stability – possible difficulties with the feet, knees, hips, and back

10. Don’t Ignore The Bicycle Dealer Relationship


Purchasing a bike and avoiding contact with the dealer or salesperson will be counted as a massive loss. There are hidden benefits in this business social relationship. Many service providers are offering complimentary free service for first year, some provide additional warranty support, these are subject matter experts means they always have advice and expertise worth a lot.

The garage workplace has standard operating procedures in place for their routine repairs and maintenance tasks, you can check with them if they offer classes or sessions during their off-peak time or weekends by providing a demonstration of how to clean and lube chain or how to change a bicycle tyre.

11. Don’t Rule Out A Custom New Bicycle


Custom New Bicycle segment is for experts, those who just don’t limit their knowledge to the ins and outs but also to the current limitations. Consider having a bike custom-built if you’re an experienced rider who can’t manage to find one with the features you want.

Your bicycle builder will be enquiring and interview you prior to accept an order. This will be based on your current knowledge, your previous biking experience, the features you love in bicycle, your ideal measurements, favourite colour, or pattern and what you hate in a bike. Builder will also ask about our budget and their expected cost-plus time needed.

To ensure the smooth project completion it is advised to have an agreement in place requiring builder to provide and share the status update including all the records being managed in a standard procedural manner including raw material pre and post photos during manufacturing.

Builder and or client can share this progress via social media to obtain the benefit of marketing for builder and a community awareness session for new business orders however the cost of custom bikes is always very high.

Conclusion / Verdict

We have tried and covered good relevant points. Specially to Buy local or at the very least, shop in a store where the advice is reliable, the sales representatives are polite, and they want you to get the right bike vs. They have a bike on the floor that they need to sell.

A smart consumer will do the research to find the absolute best deal. You will be disappointed if you buy the cheapest bike available. Buy the best and cry only once.

Fit first then buy. Shop around or go to customer builder instead of buying a 5cm small or large. Don’t compromise.

The limitation is in service, this is where stores fall short in terms of after-sale care. Rarely business gives a call to their customers asking them how their experience after their bicycle purchase is, any issues / problems being faced. Successful business always treats their customer with respect.

The commoditization of new bicycles is aided by the shop that does not cherish its consumers. When a store doesn’t care about its consumers, then the most significant aspect for a customer is pricing.

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