Quick 8 Check Questionnaire: Buying a New vs Old Bicycle

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Buying a new vs old bicycle is always a challenging decision to make. Simply put, buy new if you’re new to cycling. Even if you’ve been cycling for a while, you’re likely to purchase new bicycle.

Buying an old bike, to be honest, has a lot of drawbacks. You’ll probably be alright if you can do your own mechanical work. If you don’t know how to change the cable-controlled components of a bike, which is the most typical issues with bicycles. You will wind up blowing all your savings on mechanics’ bills.

Bicycle building considerations

Ask yourself the following questions to assess which new vs old bicycle will be better for you, and remember to be true:

Are you familiar with how to assemble the bike?

Do you know how to do bike adjustments to make it fit?

Do you know how to check components to make sure they’re in good functioning order?

Do you know where to look for cracks in the frame?

Do you know how to make sure the frame isn’t damaged in any other way?

Do you know how to identify a broken wheel?

Do you know where to look on a wheel for cracks?

Do you have any idea how much a second-hand bike is worth?

If you can answer yes to most of these questions and are willing to assume the cost of replacing parts and / or work on the bike, please go ahead.

Proceed with caution if you can not respond yes to many of the questions above.

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