We have compiled the most common frequently asked questions around Trek Rail Electronic Bikes

Is a Trek Bike a Good Investment?

The Trek 820 mountain bike is a fantastic bike with all of the features you’ll need to get started mountain biking.
It’s a good bike for riders who wish to ride to work or college on a mountain bike.
However, keep in mind that the Trek 820 mountain bike is an entry-level model that isn’t built for tough mountain biking – it just won’t hold up.

Is it possible to put disc brakes on Trek Railbike?

Unfortunately no, this bike’s mounts aren’t disc frame compatible.

What is the maximum tire size?


Is the Trek 820 a good bike to buy?

The Trek 820 is a wonderful pick for individuals searching for an economical mountain bike with a lot of features – one of the finest, to be honest. When you look at the specs, it’s clear that it’s an excellent bike for people who are new to riding and mountain biking.

Can I customize the assist levels within the eBike Flow app?

Yes. User-defined assist modes are available in the eBike Flow app. While speed and maximum torque can be decreased (helpful in situations where speeds are constrained or with rookie riders who need to gain experience at lower speeds/torques), support-percent and support dynamic can be altered.

Trek Bikes: Are They of Good Quality?

Trek bikes are generally of excellent quality. Trek, like any other bike company, has lower-end models that aren’t as good, but overall, you can’t go wrong with a Trek bicycle.

Which models of Trek Rails have the AirWiz and TyreWiz features?

These simple air pressure setup tools are included with Rail 9.9 models. While AirWiz monitors the pressure in your fork and shock, TyreWiz checks the pressure in your tyres. Just check the lights before each ride after setting the desired pressure on the SRAM AXS app. Red denotes the need for a pump. Ride if the light is green.

What is a function of TyreWiz and AirWiz?

AirWiz monitors the pressure in your fork and shock, TyreWiz checks the pressure in your tyres.

Which frame sizes have top tubes that are curled for a reduced standover?

The top tube of the size S carry-forward frame has a very modest curvature. As there is not enough room in the downtube for the larger 750Wh battery, the size S in the new frame also has a 625wh battery. Smaller riders do, however, typically require less battery. Later in 2022, the S in the redesigned frame will be offered.

How much dropper post insertion does the frame have?

Carry-forward frame on 9.7 and lower: S – 220mm; M – 230mm; L – 260mm; XL – 300mm New frame on 9.8 and up: S – 230mm; M – 230mm; L – 260mm; XL – 310mm

What distinguishes this frame from earlier iterations?

The same frame as earlier models is used for Rail 9.7 and lower. New frames for Rail 9.8 and above include: – Slash-inspired shape with a longer reach and 64.5-degree head angle – Larger 34.9mm seat tube and 1.8″ head tube – Room for a 750 watt-hour battery that is larger.

Does it work with different tyre and wheel sizes?

Only 29er wheels and tyres with the regular width will work with the carry-forward frame. For riders who want more butt-to-tire clearance on steep descents or more agile rear wheel handling, the redesigned frame on Rail 9.8 and up is compatible with a 27.5″ rear wheel.

How much time does the battery need to charge?

The battery can be charged to 100% in six hours and to 50% in just over two hours using the small, lightweight 4A Charger. The new smart system batteries are incompatible with older Bosch charger generations.

Are software updates still required to be performed at the retailer?

No. Updates will be made “over the air” through the new Bosch smart system. Thanks to updates via the eBike Flow app, the new Rail with Bosch smart system is constantly updated with new features and stays current.

Which diagnostic tool is being used by retailers?

Trained Bosch retailers can rapidly read out and fix fault messages with the DiagnosticTool 3. Additionally, bikers can receive an in-depth eBike diagnostic report for a full breakdown of the work done utilising a detailed maintenance diary from the DiagnosticTool 3.

What is the maximum fork axle-to-crown and/or travel?

586mm (170mm travel)

Does the new Bosch smart system include an app?

Yes! The Bosch eBike Flow app allows iOS and Android users access to a wide range of features, connects third-party applications like Apple Health, and instantly syncs activity data. Your bike and the Flow app will always be up to date and have the newest features thanks to the Flow app’s simple ‘over the air’ update capability.

How frequently are over-the-air firmware updates planned? Can riders revert back to a previous version if they don’t like the update?

Every year, there will be several firmware updates. Updates to bug fixes and system efficiency upgrades cannot be undone. Some feature improvements are reversible; for instance, riders can go back from the eMTB mode to the conventional four support modes.

Does it have any mounts for fenders, kickstands, racks, or lights?

A rear kickstand mount is still present on every frame.

Does your phone need to be physically connected to the bike to take advantage of the features?

Unfortunately No. Whether your phone is in your pocket or clipped to the handlebars, the moment you get on and start riding, the smart activity monitoring feature of the eBike Flow app is active. You may keep your cockpit bare with the help of the in-pocket capability.

Does the eBike Flow app allow for Trek customization?

Yes. The eBike Flow app can identify your Rail bike, let you personalise the app’s interface, and direct you to nearby Trek stores. In the future, there will also be more special Trek features. These features will be part of your over-the-air app updates.

Do these bikes work with tubeless tyres? What other components are needed?

A full tubeless system, including sealant, strips, and valves, is included with Rail 7 and higher. Although Rail 5 comes with tubeless tape, it also needs sealant and valves (546195)

How much torque or power does Trek Rail bikes possess?

The new Rail has 85Nm of torque for quick acceleration, just like the previous Rail does, thanks to the Bosch smart technology.

In which Mino Link default position does the bike ship?

All Rail models ship in the Low position.

Do the lights and other electronic accessories have wiring?

It does come with a headlight wire already fitted. For correct positioning and routing, consult the frame diagram.

Are Trek Rail bikes compatible with Range Boost?


What is the range in Trek Rail bikes?

Range varies depending on a variety of circumstances, however in Eco mode, it may go up to 80 miles (129 kilometers) on average. Check out Bosch’s helpful range calculator here to estimate a rough distance depending on variables like rider weight or terrain

What size hardware is required for aftermarket shocks?

Pin hardware – 54mm x 10mm upper and 40mm x 10mm lower.

Which version of Knock Block does Trek Rail bikes use?

72-degree steering radius Knock Block 2.0. Although the Knock Block chip can be used to protect the Kiox display positioned on the top tube, it is compatible with the infinite-radius chip.

Are spare keys available for Trek Rail Bikes?

Yes. The manufacturer of the lock, ABUS, sells extra keys. They will require the key code, which is printed on a card that comes with the bicycle. The key code is further kept in the remote and is accessible by a certified shop using the Diagnostic Tool 3 or by the rider via the eBike Flow app.

Are previous frames compatible with the new 750 watt-hour battery?

Unfortunately, no.

Are all Trek Rail sizes compatible with a water bottle?

Water bottles fit in the M, L, and XL sizes. The S, however, is limited to the Bontrager Voda 15 water bottle. Due to AirWiz clearance, models with a size S AirWiz are completely incompatible with a bottle.

Are any of the new Bosch smart system components backwards compatible?

The new smart system’s battery, charger, display, and remote won’t operate with parts from earlier generations.

What is the size of rear brake mount and Max rotor in Trek Rail bikes?

180mm direct mount. Up to 203mm with correct adapter.

Where can I legally ride Trek Rail eMTB bike?

eMTB riding laws differ by location and whether the land is owned by the federal government, a state, a province, a county, or an individual. Trek advocates a stance that safely directs eMTB users to trails that aren’t dubious: E-MTBs can be used on trails that permit motorised or pedal-assist vehicles. You are in charge of being aware of and abiding by all rules and usage laws.

Will the drive/walk assist feature be enabled?

Yes. With the retailer software, it can be activated if it isn’t by default.

Will the bike support e-Shift integration with drivetrain (Shimano, Nuvinchi, Rohloff)?

Yes. With the retailer software, it can be activated if it isn’t by default.

Can the drivetrain (Shimano, Nuvinchi, Rohloff) of the Trek Rail bike be integrated with an e-Shift system?

Yes. A customer service representative from Bosch may alter the AppID file on the bike to support these integrated shift options as well as help you find the proper wiring harness to go with it.

What happens if installing or removing the battery is challenging?

Most likely, the frame’s battery mounts are out of alignment. On the Tech Site, under the Service Bulletins tab, are instructions for levelling the battery.

What is the max pedal-assist speed?

North America and New Zealand: 20 mph or 32 km/h  whereas Europe and APAC: 25 km/h

Can we replace / change the battery or battery cover in Trek Rail Bikes?

A standard Bosch Powertube battery is used by Rail. The battery and frame cover are made of the same material but can be separated. For replacement or for individuals who prefer to have a second battery that can be quickly switched out, Trek will supply frame color-matched covers through Trek merchants.

Is it possible to enhance the rear travel of Trek Rail by using a shock with a longer stroke?

No. This will render the warranty invalid. Under full compression, the seat stay will crash into the back of the seat tube.

How long a dropper post can be inserted into the Trek Rail frame?

Small – 220mm Medium – 230mm Large – 260mm X-Large – 300mm

Can the system be changed to increase the max-assist speed in Trek Rail bikes?

No. This is a firmware-based feature of the motor and cannot be altered. Any further “hacks” that aim to boost the maximum assist speed may void the warranty and put the user at danger of breaking local e-bike regulations.

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