Ultimate Guide to Best BMX Pegs

Best BMX Pegs as name suggests, are typically found on bikes that resemble BMXs. To put it simply, the pegs are there for the rider to put their feet on for extra stability while doing feats or performing tricks. They can, however, also be utilized for other purposes, such as assisting the rider in mounting the seat or transporting a passenger.

Want to experiment with pegs for your flatland, park, or street tricks? Or is it time to replace your outdated pegs with a bright, brand-new set? In either case, purchasing new pegs is a fun experience.

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We’re listing some of our favorite Best BMX pegs and explaining why you should consider them for your bike based on our experience.

These bike pegs, which measure 3.9 inches by 1.1 inches (100 millimetres by 28 millimetres), are made for 3/8-inch universal bikes like road cycles, mountain bikes, track bikes, MTBs, and BMXs.
made of a wear-resistant, robust aluminium alloy with a 200-pound maximum weight capability.
simple to instal Install the shaft nut directly after removing the shaft screw from the front or rear axle of the bicycle.
Bike pegs have sturdy, non-slip grooves carved on its surface.
Cool colors like black, red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and rainbow are available, grabbing your attention in a brand-new way.

MATERIAL: aluminum alloy
WEIGHT: 120g/0.26lb (Pack of 2)
DISPLAYED Size: 100*28 mm / 3.93*1.1 inch
USING SIZE: 3/8 inch * 26 Teeth
FEATURES: Slip/Rust prevention
STYLE: Cylinder, Stripe
BEARING CAPACITY: ≤100kg (222lb)
COLOUR: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple

We like


Easy to install

Looks great

Value for money

We do not like

Not comes in universal size

The rough surface of the Novatec Steel Black Peg grabs firmly and threads securely onto any 3/8 inch axle.

They are at least 4 inches wide, hollow, and 1/8 inch thick.

These can also be used for little bikes that children would balance on the back of while learning to ride without training wheels. You should be fine to go if there are enough threads to screw onto.

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎7.13 x 4.13 x 1.93 inches
Package Weight ‎0.46 Kilograms
Warranty Description ‎1 year
Color ‎Black
Material ‎Alloy Steel
Suggested Users ‎Unisex-adult

We like

Heavy duty pegs

Good quality material

Value for money

Easy to install

We do not like

some may find threads does not go all the way in.

The package contains two sets of bike pegs.

High-strength aluminum alloy, 200-pound maximum capacity. Prepare 3/8 inch axles.

Simple to use: Tighten these bike pegs with a tool or your hand.

100*28 mm (3.93*1.1 inch) in size

Suitable for both the front and rear wheel axles of bicycles, designed for BMX, mountain bikes, and regular bikes.

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎5.75 x 4.45 x 1.06 inches
Package Weight ‎0.02 Kilograms
Color ‎Black Stripe
Material ‎Aluminum
Size ‎100×28 mm

We like

Great Pegs

Value for money

Strong material

Looks good on bike

We do not like

Not strong as steel

Replacement for the GI pegs

Smaller outer diameter

Three anti-roll positions

There’s a wind adapter included with both pegs that goes over the axle of a 3/8 wheel and lets you put a 14mm sized peg on it. Be warned though, this doesn’t make your axle as strong as a chromolly one.

The pegs are wonderful though.

They are for 14mm axles and come with an adaptor for 3/8 / 10mm axles. 

Color Black
Material Alloy Steel
Item Weight 1.13 Pounds
Shape Cylindrical

We like

Easy to install

Heavy pegs

Great value for money

Solid product

We do not like

Some may find bit heavy

Due to intensive real-world testing on the proving grounds and ongoing innovation, 25NINE BMX Bike Pegs ride buttery smooth and last forever. The best choice for all riding situations is 25NINE pegs; whether you’re riding on concrete curbs, metal coping or rails, or in a park or on the street, 25NINE pegs will help you “get it.”

109 mm length and 40 mm wide in size.

Both 14mm and 3/8 inch axles are compatible. To properly adapt the pegs to 3/8 axles, use the provided adapter.

constructed with a polycarbonate (PC) sleeve covering a lightweight, strong 7075 aluminium core. more resilient than all plastic pegs combined.

90 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – To assure customer satisfaction with our items, we provide a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee because we are so confident you will be delighted with your purchase. We will swiftly give a refund if you decide to stop using the product for any reason.

We like

Easy to install

Great looks and colors

Value for money

Quality product

Durable and functional

We do not like

Some may find it shiny

Mountain bikes with 3/8-inch wheels and 26-teeth bicycles are the intended use.

suitable for the bicycle’s front and rear wheel axles

Simple to assemble and disassemble using the 3/8 inch-26 teeth

Non-slip stripe etched into the shape of a cylinder

0.26 lb weight, a display size of 3.93*1.11 inches, and portability

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎3.8 x 3.5 x 1.1 inches
Package Weight ‎0.16 Kilograms
Color ‎Gold
Material ‎Aluminum

We like

Easy to install

Works well and durable

Reasonable Price

Looks great

We do not like

some may find it bit smaller, please check size first.

Durable, resistant to corrosion, and made of an alloy of aluminium. These foot pedals are 20mm thick, and their thickened construction offers higher bearing force even while you’re standing on them.

Replace these pedals on the bike to protect the feet of the people who are on the rear seat to prevent from touching the vehicle wheel, more conveniently and safely, and it will also not make you feel acid even long sit on the bike. Suitable for folding mountain bike, foldable bicycle. The unfolded size of these small rear pedals measures 3.1×1.6″ / 8cmx4cm; please note that it is mini bike rear pedals, suitable for teenagers.

While biking, surface corrugated grooves may dtably grip your shoes. When riding the bike alone, the front portion of the pedal can be folded up and has a groove so that it won’t scratch anything or anyone. When you need to rest your feet, unfold it.

It is fitted more firmly to prevent slipping because it has a mounting gasket. Simple to use: to secure the front section and lock the screw, add a spring washer first. To finish the installation, fix the rear section.

Two mini bike rear pedals, eight hexagon socket screws (four sizes), four nuts (two sizes), two screw wrenches (two lengths), two spring rings, and two flat pads are included.

We like

Easy to install

Looks good

Simple to fit and adjust

We do not like

Some may find large pedal screws

With these pedals, riding a bike for an extended period of time won’t make you feel queasy. The foldable design allows for easy storage and is suitable for all types of mountain bikes.

An excellent bicycle addition that may be mounted on the back wheel to enable one-person transportation.

made of a high-grade aluminium alloy that is both strong and intensely light.

Its non-slip feature will keep you standing on it safely.

To make your legs more at ease and comfy, foot pedals can be simply mounted to the bicycle’s rear axle.

We like

Pegs for ebike, cruisers too

Looks great

High quality

Easy to install

Durable item, value for money

We do not like

Some may find loose fitting.

The pegs are made of metal inside and outer piece of plastic outside. In comparison to previous sleeved pegs I’ve owned, the pegs move really well, and after just one session, I can already tell the outer sleeves will last a very long time. These actually cost less than Danscomp, so the pricing is reasonable.

I found this peg to be quite sturdy and of high quality.

whole 4130 core

1.5″ in circumference

using a 14mm to 3/8 adapter

Individually sold

We like

Value for money

Durable and reliable

Easy to install

Looks simple and great

We do not like

Selling individual instead of pack

The SE Wheelie Pegs offer excellent traction to your shoes when raising it because they are made of sturdy Cr-Mo steel.

There is an adapter to fit different sizes of axles. Fits 14mm and 3/8” axles (including adapter)

These are universal for all se bikes

• Deep knurling provides the best grip
• Accepts 3/8″ and 14mm axles (including adapter)
• 100mm in length and a 35mm diameter
• Sold as a pair

We like

Good quality

Solid product

Elegant and classic look

Easy to install

People clear the way easily

We do not like

Some may slip

Ultimate Best BMX Pegs Buyers Guide

I’m going to walk you through choosing the best BMX peg for you in my buying guide for BMX pegs. We’ll locate the finest pegs and slides for your riding style and BMX tricks so you can perform stunts and peg grinds on street bikes, whether they’re made of chromoly or plastic.

The majority of BMX riders want top-notch pegs for street riding so they can perform tricks like ledge grinds. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cheap pegs out there that break or get stripped after a month or so or add so much weight to the bike that it seems kind of meaningless.

Your first set of new pegs can truly give you the boost you need to perform tricks and stunts as a street rider, regardless of whether you belong to the seasoned riders or are just an average rider.

How to pick the ideal BMX peg for your needs

Riders may find it challenging to choose between steel, alloy, aluminum, or plastic pegs with the variety of options available. Everything will rely on your riding style and how well it works with your particular bike.

Material – Plastic or Metal Based

Metal Pegs

Steel or alloy aluminum pegs are frequently found. Metal pegs have many benefits, including longevity and good slide, which experienced riders desire. This is an excellent option if you know you use your bike frequently or are a little rough with the stunts.

Plastic Pegs

You can buy two different kinds of plastic pegs—either whole plastic or pegs with an inner core made of metal—as well as a special-purpose plastic sleeve. In this manner, durability is maintained, and breakage is avoided. Plastic pegs are advantageous in that they don’t take on excessive weight and can be quickly replaced when they break.

BMX peg length

You’ll see that there are several lengths available when buying pegs. Both micro and 4′′ universal standard size pegs are available.

Slip or tread

Choose a metal peg if you want additional traction because it will have an excellent, slippery surface. If you’re an expert rider who like doing grinds, slip is beneficial.
Plastic sleeved pegs will offer less slide for BMX riders than a metal one if you are less experienced or simply desire more grip, for example if you’re using your pegs to carry a friend on the bike or to help you accomplish stunts. They are lightweight with a solid inner core and frequently have a thread design for greater grip.

Micro pegs

If you prefer to grind and require a smaller size that won’t get in the way, these are a wonderful option. They typically range in length from 1.1′′ to 2′′.


You’ll find axles on your BMX find, which you can use to attach the pegs. There are two distinct measurements for them. A street bike or park bike will have the first, which is 14mm. On a race bike, the second size, which is 3/8 inch, is typical. Since pegs are intended to fit one of these sizes, you must be aware of the size of your axle.
Axle socket adapters are included with some pegs, allowing you to use the peg with any size of axle.

Standard Universal pegs

These are the most typical, and you’ll discover that they’re typically 4.4 inches. A longer size like this is ideal if you are a taller rider with larger feet or if you want to utilize pegs for a second rider to stand on.


There are several alternatives available when purchasing pegs for your BMX bike. Others have a smaller inside diameter or a greater outside diameter with a higher surface area, while still others have the same size all around. Some are significantly thinner and have less structural stability.

There are pegs for all types of riders, whether they choose plastic with a sturdy inner core, a peg made of a unique metal alloy, or a peg made of high-quality steel.

There are companies that provide top-notch pegs, regardless of the angle iron, hub guards, or axle size you require. For instance, you may locate the best plastic BMX pegs by using the Odyssey Graduate Peg, which includes plastic pegs and a plastic sleeve.

Best Hybrid Bikes Common FAQs

What are BMX Pegs for?

Commonly seen on park or street bikes, BMX stunt pegs allow the rider to perform a variety of tricks, such as rail or ledge grinds and flatland movements. You can operate your bike with up to four pegs at your discretion thanks to these steel or alloy cylinders that are fitted to the front or rear axles on one side or both.

What side should my BMX pegs be on?

The right side should be used to run your pegs, per Section 1.82a of the Street Riders Manual. Unless you don’t feel comfortable grinding on that side in which case you are free to run your pegs anywhere.

Are all BMX pegs universal?

Many shredders who are new to BMX are requesting whether or not BMX pegs are universal. Yes. Pegs are also available in these two sizes since BMX axles are size 14mm for rear hubs and size 10mm (3/8′′) for front hubs.

Can you stand on BMX pegs?

Pegs are typically found on motorcycles that resemble BMXs. To put it simply, the pegs are there for the rider to put their feet on for extra stability while doing feats or performing tricks. They can, however, also be utilised for other purposes, such as assisting the rider in mounting the seat or transporting a passenger.

Can you put BMX pegs on any bike?

No, putting on pegs requires a specific kind of axle. For instance, it won’t function on a dirt jumper, mountain bike, or road bike. To have space for the peg, the axle must protrude from the fork or dropouts.

Can you ride on bike pegs?

A passenger on a bicycle is riskier to ride than on bike pegs. The cyclist may safely steer the bike in any direction because they have a great vision of everything in front of them. Additionally, the risk of injury to the passenger is not very significant when the driver must suddenly stop.

Can you put pegs on a bike with gears?

Since fixed-gear motorcycles have solid axles and track nuts, pegs can be mounted to the wheels. However, pegs are not a standard feature of fixed-gear bicycles. It follows that such an addition might harm the frame, fork, and axle hubs.

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