Cannondale Quick 3

The Cannondale Quick 3 is the ideal long-distance commuter bike if you’re looking for an urban bike that can effortlessly navigate city streets, push hard on fitness rides, or transition into such a bike. A cost-effective fitness hybrid built for speed, agility, and adaptability is the Cannondale Quick 3.


ModelQuick 3
TypeHybrid Bike


With more of an emphasis on speed and efficiency, a fitness bike like the Cannondale Quick 3 is a cross between a hybrid and a road bike. It is nevertheless built for upright urban riding. Even though it has flat bars and is plainly not intended for roadies, it definitely pulls more design cues from the best road bikes than the conventional hybrid.

The Trek FX 3 and the Specialized Sirrus 3.0 hybrids, as well as other reasonably priced hybrids, are no match for the Cannondale Quick 3. The premium Cannondale SmartForm frame with SAVE micro-suspension, the carbon fibre fork, and the wheel sensor make it stand out.

Frame & Fork

The SmartForm 6061 aluminum frames from Cannondale are expertly crafted to concentrate the material exactly where it is needed, maximizing stiffness and strength while minimizing weight. The Cannondale Quick 3 is made even more comfortable and responsive with the inclusion of a carbon fibre fork.

With a complete carbon fork to provide stiffness and efficiency to the ride while reducing total weight, the frame is made of SmartForm C3 aluminium. The Quick 3 for ladies is available in a stunning metallic emerald green, with all-black interior and exterior accents, and is simplistically attractive thanks in large part to the numerous 360-degree reflective elements incorporated into the paintwork. Reflective features in various patterns and blocked-out areas are included on the Cannondale logo, seat stays, seat post, and fork blades, which all aid to illuminate the bike in low visibility situations.


In order to reduce costs while maintaining performance, Cannondale chose a mixed-brand drivetrain for this bike as opposed to a full Shimano Altus drivetrain.
Shimano Altus shifters and Acera and Altus (rear) derailleurs are included on the Cannondale Quick 3. (front). This combo is more advanced than the entry-level Tourney setup and is more than enough for the cost.

The crankset is a Prowheel 48/32T double chainring of marginally lesser quality, and it is coupled with a Sunrace 9-speed 11-34t cassette. While not particularly impressive, this is broad enough to conquer steep grades (the lowest gear has a 0.94 ratio).

Handling & Performance

You’ll be quite pleasantly surprised by the Cannondale Quick 3’s ride quality right away. With a workout bike that accelerates swiftly and provides a stiff but comfortable ride—a trademark of Cannondale, known for its aluminium frames—you can ramp up the pace when you need to without suffering unnecessarily from arm fatigue.

Due to the brand’s OutFront steering design, which marries a 55mm fork offset with a slack head tube angle of 71 degrees, the handling is incredibly responsive, and the ride feels incredibly enjoyable and zippy


With geometry that is as near to road bike geometry as you can go, the Cannondale Quick 3 offers one of the most aggressive ride positions you’ll find on a fitness hybrid bike. The rider is further forwards than on other fitness bikes, yet the bike is still upright enough for you to be seen on busy metropolitan roads and to see what is coming up ahead.

Due to the reduced aerodynamic drag from aggressive stance, you will be more productive and swifter than on other hybrids. However, this particular ride posture might not be appealing to all bikers, so if you’re undecided, we advise taking this bike for a test ride before buying.

Brakes, Wheels and Tires

Instead of finishing the groupset with more expensive Shimano brakes, Cannondale opted to save money by using slightly less expensive Tektro brakes.

They decided on the 160/140mm Tektro HD-R280 hydraulic discs. Although a little less expensive, this well-known brand’s brakes provide reliable stopping power and longevity for a $1,000 bike.

The advantages of hydraulic disc brakes over mechanical disc and rim brakes are their unrivalled performance in slick conditions and their relative absence of maintenance requirements.

The double-wall 700c alloy rims on the Cannondale Quick 3 are the company’s own brand. While not very sturdy, this wheelset is adequate for riding in cities.

You have Schwalble’s slick Spicer tyres mounted on the rims, which are made to minimize rolling resistance and decrease the possibility of punctures using K-Guard. Tires that can withstand punctures are a great addition to a hybrid vehicle. These 35mm tyres strike a mix between speed and bump absorption.

Features & Benefits

In order to give its intended audience certain benefits connected to fitness, Cannondale Quick 3 also packs a few extra punches. The Cannondale Wheel Sensors that are included with it allow you to connect to the Cannondale app and track your ride data. Additionally, any SP-Connect compatible phone case can be secured to the Intellimount stem, making it simple for riders to attach their phone in place to form a dashboard. By combining these two functions, you can keep track of data like your speed and mileage. The Cannondale app also offers alerts when your bike needs servicing and eco reports that detail the amount of gasoline and CO2 you’ve saved by choosing to ride rather than drive.

Model Range

The women’s particular model has just minor geometry differences but the same unisex contact points, including a Cannondale Fitness Ergo Double Density saddle and Ergo Fitness Dual Density Lock-On grips. The unisex variant is larger, with a longer effective top tube length, and a higher standover. Small to 2XL are available in its size range, whereas XS to Large are available in the women’s models. The numbers for the overlapping women’s and unisex sizes differ somewhat, so make sure to check carefully for the proper fit. In general, individuals with shorter stature and reach are probably better suited for the women’s model. The unisex range may work better for you if you have a larger reach and inseam.


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  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L (women’s) / S, M, L, XL, XXL (unisex)
  • Weight: 11.5kg (size M with pedals)
  • Frame: SmartForm C3 Alloy
  • Fork: Carbon
  • Shifters: Shimano Altus, 9-speed
  • Front derailleur: Shimano Acera
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano Altus
  • Crankset: Prowheel, 48/32
  • Cassette: Sunrace, 11-34 9-speed
  • Brakes: Tektro HD-R280 hydraulic disc, 160/140mm rotors
  • Wheels: Cannondale Disc
  • Tyres: Schwalbe Spicer, 700 x 35c, K-Guard, reflective strip
  • Saddle: Cannondale Fitness Ergo Double Density (unisex)
  • Seatpost: Cannondale 6061 Alloy
  • Stem: Cannondale 3 with Intellimount
  • Handlebars: Cannondale 6061 Alloy
  • Extras: Cannondale Wheel Sensor

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Pros & Cons


Fun to ride

Cushioned and easy ride is ensured by the ample tyre clearance.

Beautifully integrated reflecting highlights in the painting

Stiff and light for quick acceleration

Sturdy construction that is cost-effective

Stem is compatible with SP-Connect for simple phone mounting.


model designed specifically for women lacks female-specific touch points.

Handlebar too wide



Total score

Our Rating​

One of the workout bikes with the most features is the Cannondale Quick 3. The high-quality componentry is given refinement by unique innovations like a ride tracking sensor, OutFront steering geometry, SAVE micro-suspension, and 360-degree reflective characteristics.

You might pay a little bit more for a well-known brand like Cannondale than for a more obscure or smaller direct-to-consumer option. Although brand awareness contributes to some of the higher price, the Quick series as a whole benefits from its high-end models’ design and engineering know-how.

It lives true to its name, Cannondale Quick 3. Although it has an aluminum and carbon frameset, it accelerates quickly and effectively, maintains a respectable output on the road, feels quite comfortable, and is adaptable enough to satisfy a range of requirements. Urban cyclists and commuters can add mudguards and a rear rack for year-round riding with cargo, then take it on a quick weekend getaway. Many people who prefer tracking their ride statistics, configuring various features on their smartphone, which they can easily mount to the stem with an SP-Connect case, will appreciate the built-in wheel sensors and communication via the Cannondale app.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs:

What does a Cannondale Quick 3 weigh?

Weight: 11.1 kg / 24.6 lbs – Bike and frame weights may vary in final production.

Are Cannondale made in China?

Despite being an American company, Cannondale produces the majority of their bicycles in Southeast Asia. While some of the more basic Cannondale models are made in Vietnam, higher-end models are built and assembled in factories in Taiwan.

Are Cannondale bikes are lightweight?

The new Quick is our all-rounder, a fast, adaptable, and enjoyable bike that appeals to a wide spectrum of riders while balancing speed and comfort. lightweight, agile, strong, and cosy. Quick, a multipurpose bike.

What size Giant bike do I need for my height?

Conventional Size (Equiv)SizingRider HeightRider Height (cm)
49-51cmXS5′ 2″ – 5′ 4″157 – 163
51-54cmS5′ 4″ – 5′ 7″163 – 170
55-57cmM5′ 7″ – 5’10”170 – 178
57-59cmM/L5′ 10″ – 6′ 0″178 – 183
58-60cmL6′ 0″ – 6′ 3″183 – 191
61-63cmXL6′ 3″ – 6′ 6″191 – 198

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