Cervelo P5 Review

Cervelo P5 was focused entirely on aero performance—within the boxes defined by the UCI, anyway. Cervelo applied years of experience in engineering the fastest aero bikes and real-world testing with their pro athletes. The result is a bike that pushes the boundaries in every way possible. Cervelo spent hours in CFD, FEA, and ISO testing.


TypeTriathlon Bike


Check specifications here

ComponentsSize 48Size 51Size 54Size 56Size 58
Head Tube Angle71°72.5°72.5°72.5°72.5°
Front Center582mm583mm602mm622mm640mm
Bottom Bracket Drop75mm75mm75mm75mm75mm
Head Tube Length67.5mm81mm98mm117mm137mm
Standover Height728mm754mm769mm786mm804mm
Wheel Size700C700C700C700C700C
Fork Offset52mm43mm43mm43mm43mm

Cervrlo is one of the names that best represents the idea of sheer speed.

The Toronto-based business The Soloist may have invented the aero-road concept in 2002, but it was in the time-trial discipline that it got its start, introducing the outlandish Barrachi TT bike in 1995 and the first incarnation of the P-series a year later.

According to Alex Croucher of Cervelo, that was the P2. Wind tunnel testing was essential to that project, and after 20 years of practice, it is still essential to the Cervelo P5’s design process.

“We worked with our Pro athletes for real world testing, feedback and validation to ensure we were continuing to build a better bike,” Graham Shrive. “The new P5 was designed with our Pro Tour team and triathletes in mind, and is the fastest bike we have ever tested. It is Simply. Better. Than anything else out there. Our athletes are always focused on being better. Every time,” continues Shrive. “They tweak their setups for every advantage, and personalize every element to see success. And that’s exactly why we’ve made the new P5 better.

Features of Cervelo P5

The shape and design of the Cervelo P5 frame have been completely updated. According to Cervelo, it is built around disc brakes, lighter by 18% (a 350g weight reduction on the frame and fork), stiffer by 22% in the head tube and 26% in the bottom bracket.

It includes a 405mm chainstay at the back and an integrated fork/base bar up front that can accommodate 28mm tyres.

The bike still complies with UCI legal requirements despite all these modifications, according to Cervelo, and it has the same handling geometry as the previous model.

There have been numerous tiny but substantial practical additions and adjustments in addition to the performance improvements.

The 500ml UCI-legal down tube-mounted bottle is designed to glide through the air with minimal additional drag because aero is the name of the game here.

Food may fit in the simple rubber top, tube-mounted SmartPak storage, which also has a separate section for used wrappers and gel packs. This is a nice touch.

The integrated speed riser system from Cervelo sits proudly out front and offers a variety of reach, height, breadth, and extension adjustments so that the ride position can be precisely customized with just one tool.

The bicycle also includes a brand-new seatpost with a P5X bottle mount. More useful features include a detachable front derailleur attachment, an integrated plastic chainstay protector, and numerous bottle and computer mount choices.

A battery (which rests in a friction-fit case in the seatpost) and hidden Di2 routeing, junction boxes, and other components complete the very neat design.

Perfect Fit

The EX11 mono riser is a standard feature of the P5 that Cervelo has defined. The user-friendly aero system from Cervelo, which has a patent pending, enables for flexibility, aerodynamics, and comfort. A straightforward clamp system allows for vertical adjustment on an aerodynamic single riser post. This enables simple transportation and fit customization based on your occasion. The EX10 mono riser system from the P5X is compatible with the P5 and offers a greater degree of flexibility, even though the EX11 arrangement offers a substantial amount of arm pad stack and reach adjustability.

Aerodynamics, Weight and Stiffness

Since the beginning of the company, Cervelo has expanded on its historical understanding of aerodynamics. You may view the technical study on aerodynamics here. It has been established that aerodynamics is responsible for up to 90% of the total resistance felt by the rider. The frame and tube designs of the Cervelo P5 improve stiffness, weight, and usability while optimizing aerodynamics. The results are a 17g increase in aerodynamic efficiency over the Cervelo P5 of the previous generation while being 22% stiffer at the headtube and 26% stiffer at the bottom bracket.

Oh! What a feeling

Compared to other time trial and triathlon bikes, the bike is more cheap.

Riders can fine-tune the bike to their favorite riding posture by adjusting the seat tube angle.

The bike’s aerodynamics are improved by the covert seat post attachment.

Riders can accelerate as needed thanks to the bottom bracket’s increased rigidity, which encourages effective power transfer.

If riders want not to utilize the supplied Aerobottle 500, the bike may accommodate a standard water bottle.

The bike’s readiness for tubeless tyres satisfied experts. The weight of the bike is decreased when tubeless tyres are used. Additionally, it helps avoid frequent flats.

Some builds come with dependable, quick-rolling Continental Grand Prix tyres.

With its internally routed connections, the Cervelo P-Series offers a neat appearance.

The bike’s UCI compliance impressed the testers.

Even on rainy days, disc brakes offer exceptional stopping force.

The bike’s ability to accommodate tyres up to 28mm satisfied experts.

A bolt-on aero bento box comes with the Cervelo. This makes carrying fuel and tools for riders simple.

Any additional drag caused by securing a water bottle to a bike is eliminated by the Aerobottle 500 that is provided with the P-Series.

Due to the lateral stiffness of its carbon frame, the P-Series is simple to maneuver.

The P-Series offers users a choice of four full builds. This enables customers to choose a bike that suits their budget and preferred componentry.

Pros & Cons of Cervelo P5


Good riding position and comfort.

Bad ass Aerodynamics

Less drag, more speed

Real world usability

Mudguard mounts are concealed in the frame.


Heavy in weight

Expensive bike

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs of Cervelo P5:

How much does a Cervelo P5 weight?

with a 350g weight reduction from a medium-sized frame and fork. We got the opportunity to weigh a size M Dura Ace build with the bento box and down tube cage (further information on the builds will be provided later), and we discovered that it weighed approximately 8.41 Kg.

Is the Cervelo P5 UCI legal?

The P5X is excellent, but because of its radical frame design, it is not permitted for use in races by the UCI. The P5 is completely UCI legal in contrast. Furthermore, Cervélo claims that, in the correct conditions, the new P5 is the fastest triathlon and time trial bike they’ve ever produced.

What country is Cervelo from?

Cervelo was founded in Canada and is still run out of Toronto and Santa Cruz, California, despite being owned by a Dutch firm. Carbon fibre was used as a material. Origin of the Frame/Bike: Cervelo bicycles are designed and engineered in Canada, then produced in Asia.

Is Cervelo S5 or Cervelo P5 a fast bike?

The Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 29 3 in 2022 has wheels that are 29″.

What is the best bike brand in the world?


  • Trek Bicycle Corporation.
  • Connondale.
  • Kona Bikes.
  • Colnago.
  • Bianchi.
  • Raleigh.
  • Cervelo.
  • Orbea.

Conclusion Cervelo P5 Review


Total score

Our Rating​

An aerodynamic triathlon and time trial bike is the Cervelo P-Series. For a carbon bike in its class, the pricing is reasonable. According to one analyst, the cost is still higher than starting prices. Riders can easily accelerate thanks to the bike’s large bottom bracket and sturdy carbon frame. The bike’s extensive gear range makes climbing a breeze. In order to keep riders hydrated, fueled up, and with a place to store tools, Cervelo provides amenities like the bento box and Aerobottle 500. These are designed to have the least amount of impact on the bike’s aerodynamics. Sadly, despite the Aerobottle’s elegance, using it when travelling is challenging.

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