How to install BMX Bike Pegs

How To Remove BMX Stunt Pegs

On BMX bikes with reinforced forks and frames, pegs are generally employed to execute tricks or feats. BMX bike pegs may be a fun addition to your BMX bike to some, but it may hinder your riding for others. Bulky bike pegs might be inconvenient when you’re trying to find a way to increase the pace of your racing BMX or make free styling acrobatics easier. Pegs can injure BMX bikes and people if they are attached to anything else. The two most popular types of pegs are threaded and bolt on. Both are quickly and easily removable.

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In this guide we have covered the following areas for removing BMX stunt pegs:

  1. Tools to remove BMX Bike Pegs
  2. Steps to remove BMX Bike Pegs
  3. Conclusion
  4. BMX Bike Pegs FAQs
How to remove BMX stunt pegs

Tools To Remove BMX Bike Pegs:

  • 17-mm socket
  • Ratchet
  • Extension
  • 19-mm Socket
  • Screwdriver

Steps To Remove BMX Bike Pegs:

Bolt On Pegs:

Bolt on pegs are fastened to the hub’s axle nut with a bolt from the inside.

  • From the exterior, screw in a 17-mm deep socket with ratchet and extension. Over the axle nut, the socket fits. Turn the socket until the nut feels snugly in place. Make the transition to a 19-mm socket if it won’t fit.
  • The axle nut can be unfastened and removed by rotating the socket and ratchet in the opposite direction.
  • Peg the axle off by sliding it. With the ratchet and socket, tighten the nut in its place.

Threaded Pegs:

Since these pegs are threaded, you may need to use a slightly different technique to remove them if they were screwed onto your bicycle.

  • Through the two holes that have been drilled on the peg’s end, insert a screwdriver. The screwdriver should be parallel to the length and entirely through the peg.
  • Utilizing the screwdriver as leverage, turn the peg in the opposite direction. The peg might need to be loosened with some power.
  • In order to remove the peg, take out the screwdriver and complete the unwinding with your fingers.

In The End:

BMX bikes frequently include front or rear pegs that are unnecessary or undesirable. The good news is that you can simply undo the screw to remove the bolts holding the pegs in place without having to visit a bike shop.

BMX Bike Pegs FAQs:

How do you get a stuck peg off a bike?

Through the two holes that have been drilled on the peg’s end, insert a screwdriver. The screwdriver should be parallel to the length and entirely through the peg.

Utilizing the screwdriver as leverage, turn the peg in the opposite direction.

With your fingers, complete unscrewing the peg after removing the screwdriver from the situation.

Are BMX pegs universal?

Pegs can be found in the 10mm (3/8″) and 14mm diameters that correspond to BMX axles. To avoid producing two distinct sizes, the majority of pegs are now supplied with 10mm adapters and are 14mm in diameter. Last but not least, Pegs are often sold singly. So if you order one, you’ll actually get one like that.

Can you put pegs on any bike?

Any freestyle BMX bike will likely support pegs, it can be assumed. There’s a potential that a BMX race bike you buy won’t support pegs because racing BMX places a greater emphasis on lightness than freestyle BMX. No, putting on pegs requires a specific kind of axle.

What do peg wedges do?

You can add pegs to practically any bike with the Mafiabikes Peg Wedge Kit to give it a more stunt-like wheelie. Our ground-breaking new product, the Mafiabikes “Peg Wedge,” enables you to place pegs on virtually any bike, even ones with gears. Durable, lightweight, and simple to install Your stunt wheelie ride will vary with Peg Wedge!

Do all stunt pegs fit all BMX bikes?

Axle size: The vast majority of pegs are made to fit the 14mm axle standard, which is more robust than the 3/8 inch axle of a race bike and better able to withstand the forces involved in stunt riding. This axle standard is used on most street and park bikes.

Which way do bike pedals unscrew?

To remove the pedals from the crank arms, use a pedal wrench or hex key. Left pedals loosen by turning them clockwise, while the right pedals do the opposite. The replacement pedals should be greased up before being screwed in at a precise 90-degree angle. Left pedals tighten by rotating counterclockwise, while the right pedals do the opposite.

Can you put pegs on a quick release bike?

Pegs typically attach to the bike’s axles. However, the majority of MTBs have quick-release skewers, which are too short and cannot be tightened when a peg is mounted, making their construction and function incompatible with pegs.

How do you make a violin peg stay?

Slide the peg out of the pegbox after carefully removing a string (remember, only remove one string at a time), and bring it up to the light. Two glossy rings that completely encircle the peg should be seen as you turn the peg; this is where the pegs rub against the pegbox.

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