Sixthreezero EVRYjourney

The EVRYjourney is a classic hybrid cruiser bike for women’s with 26-inch wheels, 7 speeds, and a sporty appearance. You can see and feel the quality that Sixthreezero put into this bike when you see it up close.

The attributes of this bike will be discussed shortly, but before we do, you should be aware of how sleek and contemporary it is throughout its design, paint job, and detailing. Additionally, Sixthreezero made sure that it would be simple to ride on both city streets and dirt paths, and that it would offer you the strength to climb steep hills and the endurance needed to complete long distance trips.

Check out some of the features first.


TypeHybrid Bike, Cruiser Bike


There will be no question in your mind after your first ride that you received more bike than you paid for.

17.5″ Aluminum Alloy Frame

The 17.5″ Aluminum Alloy Frame of the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney makes it incredibly simple to mount and demount at any time. With this bike, accessibility is given top priority, and we could not be happier with it! For all types of riders, the pedal position is also foot forwards, making it very simple. I adore the bike since comfort and adaptability are always given top priority.

You may simply do so while remaining still if you wish to put your feet flat on the ground. While riding the bike, you will always keep an upright posture, which is advantageous for your health as well as your performance.

The pressure points in the body are relaxed by the upright riding position. Aside from that, the aluminum frame ensures that your bike will always seem brand new.

Speed Variations

The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney bike is offered in many speed variations because we anticipate that people will use it for a range of purposes. Let’s talk about the various speed options this bike offers:

Single Speed:

If you just want to use the bike on flat conditions, the single-speed setup is the ideal choice. This is the option to choose if you reside near the beach or in a non-hilly area. Since there are no derailleurs in single-speed systems, there is no maintenance required. Choose the single-speed option if you want to push the bike to its absolute limits because you won’t get any slack from the chains.


As you get one sprocket in the front and three in the back, the 3-Speed is a better but more complicated option than the 1-Speed. With three gears as opposed to one, the 3-speed offers incredible value and adaptability.


The 7-speed variant is the best choice if you’re looking for something professional. Bike enthusiasts who want to push their bikes to the very limit frequently choose it. If you routinely ride, choose this variation because it works well in places with both flat terrain and hills.


If you want the most amount of speed, comfort, and versatility from your bike and want it to perform well on any surface, choose the 21-speed combo.

Comfort and Handling

Along with the incredible comfort of the saddle, riding a bike puts you in an upright position, which eases and calms you by relieving pressure points throughout your body. The saddle, on the other hand, is wide and designed to provide you with excellent comfort. Overall, riding this bike will make you feel as though you are on a cloud nine.

The leather grips on the bike make moving easy and pleasant, and the handling of the bike is also fantastic. The developers did a wonderful job of inventing the most comfortable bike ever. The Sixthreezero is designed for comfortable, luxurious cycling, and it definitely feels like that.

More Luxury

With the help of a very sturdy rack, you can mount child bike seats or supermarket baskets, putting anything you need on your bike at your disposal. Let’s talk about the tyres. The EVRYjourney has incredible 26″x1.95″ tyres, which are excellent for both flat terrain and off-road trails.

If you were curious, the bike is also fitted with Shimano derailleurs. V-brakes are also included. The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney has everything you need, so make sure you get it!

One Size Fits All

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is available in the variety of color choices for riders including Mint Green, Cream, Navy, Teal and Black

One Size Fits All

There are many reasons why this bike performs better than even closely related bikes that are markedly more expensive. It is a hybrid bike that, in the first place, truly lives up to the “one size fits all” description. Any adult between the heights of 5’4″ and 6’5″ can fit in it safely and pleasantly.

Because of the forward-pedaling design of the pedals and the seat, if you’re between 5’4″ and 6’5″ tall, you’ll be able to stand the bike with both feet on the ground when you need to stop and still be able to extend your legs through the entire pedal stroke to get the most leverage — and speed — out of the bike.

This bike goes absolutely everywhere, hence its name, EVRYjourney. everything in between, including the beach, the trail, the asphalt, and the pavement.


Check specifications here

FrameMaterial: Aluminum Size: 17.5″ Frame Style: Half Step-Through Dropout: 3/8” Threading Dropout Style: Forged Semi-Vertical Dropout Mounts Included: Rear Rack Mounts Rear Fender Mounts
ForkFork Material: High-Tensile Steel Fork Style: Standard Fork Drop Out: Quick Release Mounts Included: Front Fender Mounts
Headset (Handlebar Stem)Diameter: 25.4mm x 180mm Material: Alloy
Rims (Wheel)Rim Type: Double Wall Rim Material: Alloy Size: 26*1.75*14G*36H Spoke Count: 36 Spoke Thickness: 14G Hub Material: Alloy Attachment Type: Front – Quick Release Front Wheel Rear – 3/8” Threading (15mm Bolt)
TiresSize: 26”x1.95” Tread: Standard Tread Style: White Wall
DerailleursmicroSHIFT 7 Speed Rear Derailleur
Shift LeverMicroSHIFT 7-Speed Shifter
ChainSize: 1/2″×1/8″ Links: 134
CassetteBrand: Shimano Tourney Teeth Count: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, & 28
Crankset (Chainwheel)Crank Material: Steel Crank Arm Length: 170mm or 6.7″ Teeth Count: 44″
Bottom Bracket SetModel: Steel Size: 68mm x 118mm
BrakesFront and Rear V-Brake
Pedal Size (Thread)9/16”
Grip MaterialLeather
SaddleModel: Flat Cruiser Saddle Foam: Memory Foam
Weight36.5 Lbs Assembled

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Pros & Cons


lightweight aluminum frame

retro classic design fits perfectly

dual-spring saddle is amazing and super comfy

Great and affordable price

Comes in 21-gears too

rides amazingly well


Some may find difficulty in assembling the bike

Isn’t fully specialized for off-road trails



Total score

Our Rating​

Customers expressed their admiration for the bike in some of their evaluations, noting how powerful and light it is as well as how well it transitions between urban and trail riding settings.

Unheard-of 96% of customers who bought this bike gave it four stars or higher ratings. 90% of them were flawless five-star evaluations. Only one or two of the hundreds and dozens of reviews for this bike were one star ratings, and it continues to receive an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars.

The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney hybrid cruiser bike lets you travel anywhere while giving you the sensation of floating through the air.

A fun bike that performs as well as it looks is created by combining its many parts and characteristics. With so many various speed-gear options, it looks like this is the all-purpose bike. Yes, there are some restrictions, but every bike has them.

The bike is also excellent for your health because it always keeps you in an upright position, relieving all of your pressure points and promoting constant relaxation. The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is a fantastic leisure hybrid bike to choose if you’re looking for one.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs:

Is sixthreezero a American company?

A US-based bike firm called Sixthreezero is dedicated to building comfortable bicycles for all types of cyclists. Electric bikes, cruiser bikes, tricycles, hybrid bikes, commuter bikes, and electric bikes are all part of their high-quality bike product line. Hermosa Beach, California, is where Sixthreezero bikes got their start.

How much does a sixthreezero bike weight?

When fully constructed, it weights 38 pounds and comes 80% assembled. Sixthreezero bikes provide high quality at an accessible price for a wide spectrum of riders. They are designed with comfort, ease, and eye-catching appearance.

Do sixthreezero bikes come assembled?

Your adventure may start right away once you leave the store, thanks to the team at sixthreezero. Customers can have any bicycle constructed for no additional cost. Having the bicycle assembled at our shop is simple and practical if this is your first bicycle or if you are ready to get in the saddle and ride.

What is the difference between a beach cruiser and a comfort bike?

Cruiser bikes are more straightforward, require less care, and frequently have internal hubs to completely eliminate chain maintenance. They also have very high levels of durability. Although they require more maintenance, comfort bikes perform better than cruiser cycles on hills, uneven terrain, and at greater speeds.

How do I check my size for Sixthreezero EVRYjourney?

Just visit the Sixthreezero site, check out the bike size chart, fill in your information and a perfectly fitting bike would be delivered to your doorstep without any problems.

Rider HeightRider Leg InseamSuggested Frame Size
XS4’10’-5’1’147-155 cm24’’-29’’61-73 cm14’’47-49 cm
S5’1’-5’5’155-165 cm25’’-30’’63-76 cm15’’50-52 cm
M5’5’-5’9’165-175 cm26’’-31’’66-78 cm16’’53-54 cm
L5’9’-6’0’175-183 cm27’’-32’’68-81 cm17’’55-57 cm
XL6’0’-6’3’183-191 cm28’’-33’’71-83 cm18’’58-61 cm
XXL6’3’-6’6’191-198 cm29’’-3473-86 cm19’’61-63 cm

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