TREK Domane Plus LT 7 Review

Domane plus LT 7 is a carbon drop-bar electric bike, for roadies who seek a true road bike experience with an added boost. When you need it—like when riding into a headwind or outpacing your friend up a climb—the sleek and effective Fazua drive system revs things up, but it doesn’t drag or slow you down when it’s not in use. You also have the brand-new wireless electronic Shimano Ultegra Di2’s sharp, precise shifting.




ModelDomane+ LT 7
TypeElectric Road Bike

Specifications of Trek Verve+ 2 Lowstep

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Each of us has a different vision for what cycling should be in the world. Some people prioritise performance improvements above all else, while others would rather ride for an extended period of time. Whatever motivates you to ride, the most essential thing is that you do it. In this regard, the introduction of the e-bike has ushered in a new era for cyclists of all ages.

The Domane plus LT 7  comes equipped with the excellent Ultegra Di2, which has a gear range of 50/34, 11-34 that will fit most riders and make climbing any slope easier, especially without the help of the Fazua.

The Domane’s extremely adaptable chassis makes it the perfect vehicle for e-assistance. Its on-road handling are impressive, and its cushy IsoSpeed front and rear designs, along with the big-volume tubeless tyres, enable it to do modest gravel chores.

Recall that IsoSpeed is essentially a pivot (or “decoupler,” as Trek describes it) that takes the place of the conventional connect between the top and seat tubes and gives the bike’s rear a suspension-like suppleness without sacrificing the sturdiness of the bottom bracket.

The IsoSpeed has a distinctive design up front, where a rocker cup takes the place of a conventional headset. While still allowing the steerer to flex fore and aft as you ride over bumps, this design locks the steerer tube in place laterally.


500-series OCLV Carbon Frame

There are three variants in the Domane+ line of bicycles, and they are all built on the same 500-series OCLV carbon frame. The Domane+ features their exclusive front and rear Isospeed suspension, just as the non-assist Domane frames we’ve previously reviewed.

Long days in the saddle may be accomplished with confident handling thanks to the endurance geometry. Our size 56 has a reach of 37.7 cm and an effective top tube of 55.4 cm. The head tube is 16 cm tall, and the stack is 59.1 cm. The wheelbase is 102 cm, and the chainstay is 42 cm long. We tested up to a 40mm tyre with enough of room to spare because of the frame and fork clearance.

Domane plus LT 7 Motor

Maximum 250W is produced by the evaporation mechanism (unboosted). This power is accessible through a stylish control unit that is flush placed into the top tube. To let you know how much power is left, it contains an on/off switch, +/- switches, and five different coloured LED lights.

Four components make up the Fazua system. The 250-watt, 60 N/m motor is housed in the removable drive pack, which weighs 1917 grammes (4.22 pounds). A 252-Wh battery that slips into the drive pack and weights 1393 grams (3 pounds) is removable and allows for a direct connection to the motor. All of this locks into the frame and links to the bottom bracket, which is exclusive and is an angular gearbox with integrated electronics for measuring cadence and torque on both sides.

It almost seems normal. The motor, according to Fazua, has a class-leading 60Nm of torque.

Shimano Claris Drivetrain

The Domane+ uses a Shimano Ultegra Di2 drivetrain to change gears. The 50/34 FSA chainring combination is coupled to the rear 11-34 cassette, which is propelled by 172.5mm FSA carbon crankarms. The Di2 system runs independently from the Fazua system and has its own battery. 32mm tubeless-compatible Bontrager R3 Hard-Case Lite tyres are mounted on Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V carbon wheels.

Domane plus LT 7  frame’s ability to smooth out roads is combined with a streamlined and effective electric drivetrain and the accuracy of Di2 wireless electronic shifting. True road bike feel combined with an extra boost of power for when you want to crush a hill or push yourself to complete a few more miles—the it’s best of both worlds.

Oh! What a feeling

A 250Wh battery, a light, quick, and efficient Fazua Evation Ride 50 motor, and a 500 Series OCLV Carbon frame and fork with rear IsoSpeed provide assistance up to 20 mph. The Fazua drivepack (the battery and motor) can be removed from the frame with ease, and the bike can be used with or without it. Additionally, a Fazua controller, a wireless 2×12 Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic transmission, carbon Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V wheels, and hydraulic disc brakes are included.

New wireless Ultegra Di2 provides shifts that are smoother, faster, and more responsive than before.
Road-smoothing For a smoother, faster, and more comfortable ride, IsoSpeed absorbs tiresome road imperfections.
Make it yours: Project One allows for complete customization.
When you disable the Fazua system or surpass the maximum amount of aid, you won’t notice much drag or resistance.

This e-road bike resembles a typical road cycle better in terms of how it rides and feels.

Pros & Cons of Trek Domane Plus LT 7


Superb component quality, excellent handling, and willing ride

Systems best range is 109.25km and 2,200m climbing

Smooth ride over rougher surfaces

Integrated GPS/Light mount with the carbon IsoCore drop bar

Great range potential


Price is high

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs of Trek Domane Plus LT 7:

How much does the Trek Domane LT weigh?

Thanks to an OCLV Carbon frame, the lightest electric road bike ever only weighs 29.04 pounds. When you need a temporary boost, the lightweight Fazua drive system easily engages, and IsoSpeed’s magical road-smoothing features are also included. Up to 20 mph of assistance for up to 65 miles.

How fast can a Trek Domane go?

A bicycle designed for riders who desire to travel farther, faster, and for longer. It is a carbon-framed, electric pedal-assist road bike designed primarily for long distance road riding. What is the gearing and maximum speed? 28 MPH is the maximum speed with electrical assistance.

Conclusion | TREK Domane Plus LT 7 Review


Total score

Our Rating​

The Domane plus LT 7  is ultimately a very awesome bike. It has a shape that works well for everyone and is firm and responsive. There is space for gravel or road tyres, and the Fazua system weighs very little for an e-road bike. For performance-level cycling, the 20 mph-assist cutoff threshold is a significant letdown. Due to the additional weight, if you already find it difficult to maintain a group ride, this will probably simply make it more challenging. Now, if things start to go uphill, you and your pals had better push through since you will be in charge of the group.

The user experience is what matters most in the end. We had to remember a key in order to charge, turn on, or turn off the device. Don’t lose it since you can’t leave it unlocked. Although eight hours is a sufficient amount of time for it to likely not time out on you and enter its deep-sleep mode, there should be a mechanism to turn this system on at any time using the remote. Additionally, there is no connectivity to a typical cycling computer. Although the device features built-in cadence, speed, and strain sensors, there is no way to connect it to your head unit. You may use their app, sure, but, to be honest, it wasn’t that great.

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